Chapter 173: I don’t know anything about it

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“So that’s Lord Albert, huh…”

“What an intimidating presence…”

“I’m so glad we decided not to go to war against that guy…”


Marquis Albert and his soldiers imposingly marched into the audience chamber. By that act alone, the court noble waiting in there were easily overwhelmed.

The marquis proceeded to walk until he was at the foot of the throne where King Darios the 13th was sitting. However, instead of kneeling down, he remained standing and said something utterly disrespectful.


“Your daughter’s to be queen and I to be her prince consort, is that right? …I don’t mind that deal. I have no interest in the throne itself. As long as this kingdom moves according to my will, I don’t see any problem.”


In order to deal with Marquis Albert who was about to take the throne by force, the court nobles suggested this compromise. Fortunately for them, the marquis thought it was beneficial for him as well.

If the marquis went ahead and usurped the throne, he would have had to deal with the resulting uprisings all over the country. Of course, as a warmonger, it would be easy for him to suppress the public with force, but in consideration of his future endeavors, he concluded that internal affairs should be dealt with as soon as possible.


“So, where is the princess?”

“…she is not here.”

“Fetch her quickly then. If she’s to become my wife, I ought to have a good look at her face.”

“You misunderstand. She’s not here in the royal castle. In fact, she’s not even in the royal capital.”

“What are you getting at?”


Marquis Albert frowned at what the king just said. Sharing that sentiment, the court nobles began to make noise.

And then, the king stood with force from the throne and uncaringly laughed. All while looking down at the marquis.


“Hahaha! I didn’t expect that you, of all people, were not aware of the growing threat within your own lands.”

“…what are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about Luke Albert. Your very own son.”

“Luke? That incompetent brat?”

“Hahaha! If he truly is as incompetent as you say he is, then how is it that he was able to build a grand city that is grander than even the royal capital in less than two years!?”


Everyone in the audience chamber who heard the wildly incomprehensible words of the king were left wondering if he has perhaps gone mad.

And yet, his eyes were still full of reason and sanity.


“If you don’t believe me, then go send your subordinates to investigate. And like I told you, you won’t find my daughter here. I don’t want her marrying a man like you, so I’ve sent her to escape to the city in the wasteland that your son has built.”



At the king’s troublesome action as well as his gloating, Marquis Albert bit his lip.

He could kill the king there and then, but that would result in the uprisings he was hoping to avoid.

It could be that the king was simply bluffing, so there was no need to rush things.


Fortunately, the wasteland in question was within Marquis Albert’s original territory, so retrieving the princess should not pose any difficulties. As long as he had the princess, the rest would be fine.


“Go check that wasteland at once.”

“Yes, sir!”

“No, before you go, check every corner of the palace first in case the princess is just hiding somewhere. It doesn’t matter whether they’re royalty or a noble, if they get in the way, cut them down. This place is ours now.”

“U-understood, sir!”


Like that, the Albert forces has captured the royal palace.


    ◇ ◇ ◇


–––––––back at the capital of the Albert territory.


“A city in that wasteland? Who told you this nonsense?”

“I-it’s the Marquis…apparently, your older brother built that large city in the wasteland…”

“Haa, it’s nonsense, I tell you. In the first place, his Gift was [Village Building]. What’s that got to do with a large city, huh?”

“Y-you’re certainly right, but…”

“If you want to look, go look yourselves. I don’t know anything about it.”



Raul just refused to help the investigation team sent by Lord Albert. A little while after they left, he muttered something.


“You’re about to be found out by father, brother…what do you plan to do now?”

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