Chapter 160: Everyone, fight back at once!

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“Good grief, what a troublesome lord I have.”


Whispering so along with a sigh was Rudolph, a general in Viscount Frenco’s army.

The lord he served, the aforementioned Viscount Frenco, had pushed all work to vassals like him and instead enjoyed each day by snatching Dolz women.


“I understand he’s happy that he won against his longtime rival, but there’s still ruling his new and still-unstable territory to worry about. I wish he’d take charge during midday at least.”


Moreover, they had no clue where Viscount Dolz was. By the time the Dolz capital fell, its lord was already gone. If left as it was, there was a chance Viscount Dolz would attack to reclaim the land someday.


“But then again, judging by the state of this land, that’s not going to happen so easily.”


Originally, the two viscounts had about equal war potential.

However, due to a sudden and massive drop in the Dolz terrritory’s population, a large gap in power between the two sides emerged.

Moreover, the population was decreasing still. Assembling an army that was strong enough to rechallenge the Frenco army wouldn’t be so simple.


“But now, it’s our Frenco territory that’s going to drop in population. No, it’s already slowly dropping. And it’s all because of that new village in the Albert territory, isn’t it…”


Rudolph had heard rumors about this mysterious village.

Those rumors were all hard to believe, yet considering the Dolz territory’s current state, he found it harder and harder to deny.

Thanks to the geography, the village’s effects had less effect on their Frenco territory. However, it might just be that the effects were delayed, and a massive decrease in their population could still happen in the near future. In other words, they were at risk of sharing the fate of the Dolz territory.


“But with my lord acting like he is, our land might be in serious danger…”


Rudolph whispered so to himself as he walked along a corridor in the second floor of the castle.

At that moment, he saw through a window something strange outside.


“What’s that? A staircase? Has that always been there?”


It was a staircase that led underground.

When they took over the place, they thoroughly searched within the castle, and he didn’t remember anything like that being in the garden.


Just a moment later, several figures emerged from the staircase, much to Rudolph’s surprise.




To make matters worse, the ones that emerged were armed with equipment that were not of the Frenco army.


“A-an enemy attack!? What nonsense is this!?”


While still trying to make sense of things, Rudolph was hit with another blow. He discovered another staircase a little bit away from the first one he found. Much like the first one, the other staircase had people emerging from it.


“There’s one there too!? What, another!? What the hell is going on!? Shit…e-enemy attack!! Enemy attack! The enemy has already gotten inside the castle! Everyone, fight back at once!”


Despite being in peak distress, Rudolph managed to shout so.

While shouting so over and over again, he recognized someone among the invaders. It was someone who has fled from the castle once before.


“I-is that Viscount Dolz!? Is this his army!?”


The invaders’ equipment was not matching with one another, so Rudolph couldn’t tell which faction they belonged to. However, upon seeing Viscount Dolz among them, Rudolph became certain.




Rudolph then noticed a person on the ground drawing a bow against him.

However, as there was over 300 meters between them, he didn’t worry about the arrow reaching him.

Such an optimistic prediction was shattered right away.


The released arrow roared loudly as it flew straight in the air.

Had Rudolph not bent his body forward at the last moment, his head would probably have been blown to bits.

In the next moment, he heard an explosion behind him. When he nervously turned around, he saw the wall behind him had a crater similar to those made by fallen meteorites.




Rudolph has never seen anyone fire an arrow that monstrously powerful.

And he certainly has never heard of anyone among the Dolz army capable of doing so.


It wasn’t just the archer who terrified him though.


There was a girl who defeated Frenco soldiers one after the other with her two swords as well as the ice projectiles she fired.

There was a giant of a man who sent Frenco soldiers flying by charging with his large shield.

There was also a lad clad in wind who defeated Frenco soldiers before anyone could even see him coming.

There was even a man who possessed extraordinary strength.


More and more Frenco soldiers were noticing the ongoing situation and quickly getting into position, yet they were still finding it hard to repel a group of at most 100 individuals.


“W-what in the world is happening here…”

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