Chapter 157: How does enjoying the life here in this city to the fullest fit into that!?

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“Wh-what’s going on…?”


In front of the gigantic gates, Viscount Dolz was dumbfounded and unmoving for a good while.

Never mind the gates of his territory’s capital, even the royal capital’s splendid gates seemed shabby in comparison.

Add in the walls that stretched for an incredible distance, it was almost like they strayed into a foreign superpower’s dominion.


“This was a village just a while ago? Then, the only possible explanation is that construction of this began long, long ago…”

“A-at any rate, this should make for a great place to plan our comeback. As you might see, sir, immigrants are flowing in one after another. If we blend in with them, we won’t have to worry about raising suspicion.”

“…truth be told, I resent that we will be taking refuge in the place that brought our downfall in the first place…however, indeed, even Viscount Frenco won’t be able to lay a hand on us here.”


Viscount Dolz and his vassal approached the gate while talking like that.

A group of guards at the gate asked them a few questions, but once they told the guards that they were from the west and they wished to immigrate, the guard let them pass through without suspecting anything.

Apparently, people migrating from the Dolz territory have become a common occurrence.


After passing through the gate, their group saw the vast fields spread out.

And beyond those fields was another set of impressive walls.


“They surrounded even the fields with walls…? There might be two monster-infested areas nearby, but this place should be safer than most cities…”


Afterwards, they were surprised over and over again. By the gigantic crops in the fields; by the buildings the kind of which they’ve never seen before; by the high-quality equipment as well as the existence of potions; and by the dishes made using monster ingredients.


Regardless of all those surprises though, Viscount Dolz, his family, and his vassals all managed to enter the city safely. Moreover, they were even given places to live in as well as employment.


“And now, to build ourselves up and bide our time…I swear, my territory will someday be mine again. Until then, savor what little victory you’ve had, Viscount Frenco. Kukuku…”






“Wow, a great show as always. I’ve seen plays in the royal capital several times before, but this one is on a level all on its own. I’ve seen it many times already, but I still haven’t had enough.”

“I agree. Speaking of things we can’t get enough of, have you tried this thing called ramen?”

“I haven’t even heard of it. What is it?”

“It’s a noodle dish that I think is from another country. It’s absolutely delicious. I’ve been eating almost daily recently, but since there’s so many kinds of soups and noodles, I still haven’t had enough.”

“Ohh, that sounds delicious indeed…but if we’re talking delicious, I feel I must mention the steak made of minotaur meat. When I first tasted it, I can’t believe it’s of this world. Still can’t, to be honest.”

“Yeah, its juices are something else. Whether it be minotaur meat, orc meat, or cockatrice meat, the dishes in this city are phenomenal. Oh right, actually, the soup stock in ramen can be made from those kinds of meat as well.”

“That makes me want to try that ramen even more now.”

“Well, let’s go then! While we’re at it, why don’t we taste other dishes as well and then compare them to one another? And before you worry about it, this city sells digestive medicine and they’re quite effective, I must say. We also don’t have to worry about putting on some weight because they also sell dieting potions that burn off fat! Truly, we can eat as much as we want!”

“Oh, so that’s why there’s almost no fat people here! Alright, let’s go eat some of that rame–––”


Viscount Dolz paused as though he suddenly remembered something.

Huh, did I come to this city to enjoy plays and great food?


“No, I absolutely did not!!!”

“…? What’s wrong? Haha, if you’ve changed your mind, we can just go for some hamburgers instead. I mean, minotaur meat patty and fresh tomatoes and lettuce––”

“Oi, wake up! Have you forgotten about the rage you felt when we had to leave our home without a proper fight!?”


Being grabbed by the collar and shaken back and forth, the vassal slowly came to his senses.


“N-now that you say that…”

“Don’t give me that! Our goal is and has always been to reclaim our home! How does enjoying the life here in this city to the fullest fit into that!?”



The vassal had a face that said he has completely forgotten their goal and was instead enjoying the life here.


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