Chapter 152: We also have one that can fire projectiles in quick succession

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“Chief Luke! Chief Luke!”

“What’s the matter, Dolan-san? Why are you so flustered?”

“T-to the workshop! Please come with me to the workshop!”



That day, I was asked to come to the workshop where the village’s dwarves worked.

Naturally, it was a workshop that focused on smithing. Thanks to their excellent talent when it comes to smithing, many of the dwarves have contributed to the making of the equipment and tools available in the village.


They didn’t like being under the sun, so I decided to build their homes as well as their workshop within the dungeon. A side effect of that was that it made it easy for them to directly procure materials from the dungeon.

The equipment they made, even the mass-produced ones, were all of a high quality. Furthermore, they were cheap. So much so that many merchants and adventurers even suspect that the items were fake or something.


Many dwarves possessed a Gift called [Smithing]. This allowed them to bestow the equipment with [Skills]. Equipment that had skills were originally so rare that only a few were available in the world. After all, even if someone possessed the [Smithing] Gift, they would only seldomly succeed in adding a skill.

…yet the village’s dwarves were making these items like they were nothing special. Or rather, it was more like they were competing who could make the equipment with the best overall quality or who could come up with the newest skill.


“You have to take a look at this, chief!”


How should I put it…I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

I thought so while recalling what happened when the elves wanted to show me something.


“Dona, quick, show it to the chief.”



Prompted by Dolan-san, Dona presented the sword she held in her hand.

It hasn’t been long since Dona received her [Weapon Craftsman] Gift, but she has already developed many new and innovative equipment.

Anyway, the sword she presented looked perfectly ordinary to me. In the next moment though, a bolt of lightning flew from it and hit a target that was prepared beforehand.


“M-magic from a sword…? Wait, are you saying that’s…”

“That’s exactly it! This is that weapon of legends: a magic sword!”

“Magic sword…!?”


Much like what its name implies, a magic sword was a sword that allowed one to use magic.

It was obviously useful to people who couldn’t use magic, but even those that could would find it useful since a magic sword didn’t require magic power or any chant to activate.

It was a powerful weapon without a doubt. It might even be called an ordnance at this point.


“I’ve had it appraised, and they’re absolutely certain it’s that. It’s said that our ancestors once were able to produce such weapons but all techniques pertaining to it have been lost…until today…”


Overcome with emotions, Dolan-san said so in a teary voice.


“Mithril is needed to make it, so as long as that’s rare to find, it’ll be hard for us to mass produce it. We should still be able to produce some more though. Of course, those can be fire or wind magic swords instead.”


According to Philia-san, the dwarven empire from ancient times had powerful weaponry and was intent on conquering the world, only to fall into ruin by some divine punishment.

It was very much possible that magic swords were one of those weapons…


If it ever gets known that our village could produce such weapons, it was all but certain that there would be great trouble.


“…yeah, let’s keep this between us as well.”



Afterwards, I was shown the various other weapons made in the workshop. Most of them were developed by Dona.


“This is a shield that perfectly reflects the attacks it has received.”


An arrow was then fired at the shield that Dona held.

At the moment of impact, the arrow curiously turned around and flew toward the one who originally fired it.


“What the…”

“Of course, it reflects back magic too.”


While I was still in shock, Dona proceeded to exhibit another one.


“This is a crossbow that will always hit the intended target. The bolts it fire will relentlessly pursue the target.”


She then held the crossbow upward and fired it against a bird.

The bolt flew straight up at first but then took sharp turns to follow the bird until it was hit.


“This is a small golem warrior. It will charge against an enemy and then explode on its own.”




What an insanely dangerous thing!


“There’s more. This thing, through the application of magic power, can launch these large metal balls. I also have a smaller, carriable version of it.”

“H-hold up a minute!”


I hurriedly interrupted Dona when she said that.


“D-did you come up with that yourself…?”

“Hm? Yes, I did.”


No matter how I look at it, those were an artillery and a gun. Magic existed in this world, so I thought I wouldn’t ever encounter weapons like these…what’s more, she made it from scratch all by herself…

She even thought of engraving spiral grooves within the barrels to make the projectile fly in a more stable manner.


“We also have one that can fire projectiles in quick succession.”

“You even got a machinegun!?”


It was strange how much this girl alone has made civilization progress.


“Ahm…why don’t you take it easy for a bit…?”


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