Chapter 150: Why don’t you guys take it easy for a bit…?

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“Luke-dono! Luke-dono!!”

“What is it, Leonius-san? Why are you so flustered?”

“To the workshop! P-please come with me to the workshop!”



That day, I was asked to come by the workshop where the elves worked.


<<Workshop: A workplace that can be used for things like fine arts, industrial arts, blacksmithing, and dressmaking. Improves one’s creativity as well as one’s skills.>>


There were various workshops in the village, but this one was mainly for the making of potions. Originally, potions could be produced only in limited amounts. However, once we succeeded in cultivating the herbs needed in the recipe, the village became able to mass produce potions.

There was even a more potent kind of potion called the high potion. More kinds were being developed too.


“P-please take a look at this.”


Leonius-san said so and then poured a mysterious, slightly glowing liquid over a tail-less lab mouse.


“Wait…it grew…”


Potions and high potions were powerful, but even those things couldn’t regrow lost appendages and such.

And yet, the mouse now had its tail back.


“I can’t believe a potion can do such a thing…!”

“It can’t! This thing here is that legendary medicine: the elixir!”



Details were unclear due to it being a legend, but an elixir was supposed to be this miraculous medicine that could: regrow lost body parts; cure illnesses; remedy inborn disabilities; and, if drunk, it can even make a person 50 years younger.

On closer inspection, the lab mouse didn’t just have its tail grow back, its coat of fur became so much better than before.


“After having it appraised, I’ve been told that this definitely is that elixir. Even among our ancestors, it was believed that only those who held special power, those we called High Elves, could make such a thing…it’s real and yet I still can’t believe we were able to make it…”


Overcome with emotion, Leonius-san said so.

He then informed me that even though the elixir was an accidental result from their development efforts in making new types of potions, they have successfully identified the precise method for making it. In other words, they should be able to make more later.


“However, due to the amount of materials necessary, it’s not possible to mass produce them at the moment. Also, I would rather make it only when requested rather than beforehand…”


If it gets known that we could make such a thing here in this village, there would be a commotion.

It was said that in the past, noble and royal families from all over the world wanted to have an elixir so much, they ended up waging war against each other. And all that for what turned out to be a fake elixir.

The elixir has such a stigma.


“…yes, let’s keep this between us…”



Later on, Leonius-san asked me to come to their workshop again. They showed me the new potions they have developed.


“Just by drinking this muscle potion, one can temporarily increase their strength tenfold! Please observe. Even a normally powerless elf like me can do something like…this!”


Leonius-san said so and then slammed his fist downward. With a thunderous roar, the ground became cracked.




While I was still stunned like that, Leonius-san brought out another new potion.


“Here’s another one! If you drink this one, it’s your intelligence this time that will become tenfold!”


He drank that potion and then added 20 5-digit numbers together in under 5 seconds.


“It’s 795, 165!”



Contrary to what his position as the elves’ patriarch might suggest, Leonius-san was…well, he wasn’t exactly the brightest of the bunch. So, for him to calculate the answer so quickly…


“And if you drink this erection potion, your endurance will become tenfold!”


What’s with that name!? Also, please don’t drink that and show me its effects, alright!?


“If ‘it’ is done in the village’s hotel, even us elves who have low reproductive ability can conceive right away! In fact, my wife who hasn’t been pregnant in over 50 years is with child right now!”

“Ahm, congratulations…”


Philia-san was apparently about to have a new sibling.


“We also have potions that deters monsters from coming any closer; potions that completely erases one’s presence; potions that makes one’s body as soft as mollusk; potions that eliminates foul odor…”

“H-hold on!”


I interrupted the excited Leonius-san.


“J-just how many have you guys developed…?”

“At least 30.”


At least 30!?


“Ahm…why don’t you guys take it easy for a bit…?”


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