Chapter 148: I don’t think my healing was that effective…

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“A-amazing work, doctor! I don’t feel any pain anymore! Thank you very much!”


A patient who was suffering from stomach pains was now completely fine.

After seeing that patient off, the young man named Muon smiled wry.


“I don’t think my healing was that effective…”


Muon was known to be the only healing magic user in a certain small town located in the northern Albert territory.

Despite studying healing magic at a school that specialized in it, he had always been lackluster at it. The most he could after three years of hard study was relieve some pain. It wouldn’t surprise him if somebody told him that he was able to graduate only because of pity.

Nevertheless, people who could use healing magic were exceedingly rare. So, even though he treated his patients mostly through regular medicine instead of magic like he was advertising, he was earning a living.


However, about a month ago, something strange happened: his healing magic suddenly had greater potency.


“I can’t think of anything that’ll cause this improvement to my magic…but thinking of the timing, wasn’t it around the time that I moved into this building…?”


A month prior, he relocated his clinic to a new building. This new building was apparently built by the chief of the wasteland village that was always in the rumors lately.

It should go without saying that the chief employed the help of carpenters, but if the rumors were to be believed, this building and the others like it appeared in the blink of an eye. Moreover, none of the town’s carpenters were said to have been involved in the construction of any of the new buildings.


“The moment I enter the clinic recently, I feel this mysterious power…but no, what am I saying? There’s no way a building can have an effect like that…”


When he remarked so, a person from the town suddenly rushed into the clinic.


“D-doctor! Sir Bal’s been attacked by a monster! He’s seriously wounded! The others are on their way to bring him here!”



This Bal was one of the town’s guards.

As such, he helped to maintain the town’s order and security by dealing with monsters that appeared nearby, arresting criminals, and many other things.


After a while, a man covered in blood was carried into the clinic by a group of guards.


“W-what happened…”

“He was attacked by an al-miraj variant! He thought it was an ordinary one and got careless…”


Bal had a serious puncture wound in his stomach. In all likelihood, an al-miraj’s sharp horn was to blame.

After Bal was set down, Muon immediately used his healing magic. Despite his improved capabilities though, he could not close the wound. It was simply too severe for that.

If anything, at this point, it was a wonder that Bal was still alive.


Just when Muon was about to admit that there couldn’t be anything done, he remembered something.


“Ahh, that…I’m sure, it’s here, somewhere…”


He then hurriedly searched his cupboards. After a little while, he took out a vial that had a mysterious liquid inside.


The potion…the legendary medicine…for some reason, this was in this clinic when I first arrived…if this is the real thing, then…”


Muon haven’t tried the liquid before, so he was unsure if it really was a potion.

However, if he wanted to save the gravely injured man before him, he had no other choice than to risk it.

And so, he opened the vial’s lid and made the patient drink it down.


The effects were dramatic.

It wasn’t just that the bleeding stopped right away, the whole puncture wound was closing. Not even the healing magic that Muon’s teachers used could ever produce such effect.







Thanks to the potion, the guard’s life was saved. And just a few days later, the guard made a full recovery.


“So, it really was a potion…but why would such a valuable thing be in a small town like this…?”


Muon couldn’t even begin to imagine what price a medicine as potent as that could have.

And yet, there were two of it left.


Whoever left it in the clinic should have a connection to that rumored wasteland village, Muon thought. And so, to ascertain things, he has decided to journey there.


But when he arrived, rather than a village, he found a metropolis. And shocking him more was…


“Potions are sold here like common items!?!?!?”

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