Chapter 127: Look, the road’s stretching toward us!

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I stood outside of the village, looking down at the stone pavement stretching southward until the end of the wasteland.

Mitchell-san had asked to incorporate the whole North into my village. As the person at fault for the continuous immigration of the North’s citizens, I felt like I couldn’t ignore his plea.

Of course, Mitchell-san would remain in charge of all government affairs of the North. I would remain as a simple village chief, and only build for them some facilities. In exchange for that though, I get to register the citizens of the North as my villagers.


“I see. So, you need these village points to build the so-called facilities, and you gain more points with more villagers…”

“Yes. Don’t worry though; there’s nothing particularly disadvantageous about being a villager. For one, no one else but me can distinguish for certain who the villagers are. And if they really don’t want to be a villager, it’s possible to exclude them from being one.”


…but if I had to be completely honest, there was a disadvantage to being a villager: their personal information could be exposed to me through my villager appraisal skill…but no one has to know that.


“By the way, how did you know that my abilities could be used even in Riesen?”

“I just guessed it. You see, I heard a story that you suddenly appeared in the middle of where Raul-sama’s army was camping. I figured that was somehow thanks to your ability, and then I thought that if your ability can reach a place that far away from your village, maybe it can reach further away places.”


Mitchell-san not only believed what others would normally consider a tall tale, he even inferred details of my ability from it.


“Alright. Let’s begin with the road, yeah?”

“The road?”


This pretty cobblestone road was made using my Facility Construction skill.


<<Road: A cobblestone road. Reduces fatigue and improves movement speed.>>


In line with what the explanation text said, immigrants and merchants would often give praises such as “awfully easy to traverse”, “the horse drawing our carriage somehow seems more energetic”. But by using Facility Upgrade on it, the road’s performance should even better.


And so, I chose Facility Upgrade and paid the necessary points.


“I should be able to walk faster in the road now, right? …wah!?”


Saying my body felt lighter than a feather somehow was an understatement rather than an exaggeration.

I felt like I’ve only taken a few steps, yet I found myself having travelled several meters ahead.


“So, so fast!”


When I looked back, I was already so far away from Mitchell-san who was beside me just a moment ago.


“Luke-sama, wait p––!?”


Mitchell-san tried to come after me, but he ended up going past me.

Thankfully, I upgraded only a small portion of the road. When he reached the end of that portion, Mitchell-san finally slowed down. This time, it was my turn to catch up.


“So, what do you think of me extending this road all the way to Riesen?”

“This road!?”

“Yup. With something like this, a day trip to and from Riesen should be possible, right?”

“A day trip…”


Together with the dumbfounded Mitchell-san, I continued walking toward Riesen. Upgrading the road along the way, of course.


“Oi, look there. Are those people running?”

“No, they’re…walking?”

“Huh? There’s no way someone’s just walking at that spe–––wait, they are!?”


People from the other end looked surprised when they spotted us, but when we walked past each other…


“What!? Why am I suddenly walking so fast!?”

“What’s going on!?”


When those people stepped on the portion of the road that had been upgraded already, they walked fast themselves.


Before long, we reached the end of the wasteland, as well as the end of the road I had constructed before.


“Ok, from here on, I’ll be building new roads.”


<<This place is already under someone else’s control. Would you like to take over? *Yes||No>>

<<Takeover complete. This place is now part of the village.>>


Through Territory Takeover, I had incorporated this area into my village and could now extend the road.


“Look, the road’s stretching toward us!”

“Don’t be absurd, how can––it is!!?”


While surprising and stunning the people we run into, we continued forward to Riesen.

And in just a few hours after we left the village…


“It’s within sight now.”


We eventually reached Riesen, the largest city in the North.


“I can’t believe it; a day trip to and from Riesen really is possible…unless, of course, I’m just dreaming right now…”

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