Chapter 123: You’ll make all my soldiers become useless

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“I wish you’d stay a bit longer.”


A single day after he awoke, Raul gathered his soldiers, intent on leaving the village right away.


“Shut up. If we stay here any longer, you’ll make all my soldiers become useless.”


Raul spitted out some rather harsh words.


“I don’t think we’ve treated them so badly that they’ll become like that though…”


We entertained the soldiers like guests, so I was quite confident they had a pleasant stay.


(We’re going back already? I wish we could have stayed here a litte bit more…)

(Haa, I really don’t want to go back though…kinda feels like the end of a great vacation…)

(I wonder if I’ll ever get to drink more of that delicious alcohol again someday…)


But when I looked at the soldiers’ faces, they looked a bit lifeless. They were so full of life just yesterday though…


“That’s not what I meant. Tch, I see now why people are coming to your city…”


After uttering something angrily, Raul faced his soldiers and announced something.


“Listen up! We’re going back to the capital right now!”


Like that, the army slowly marched out of the village.


“What? Oi, where’s that maze!?”

“Ah, that? It was in the way, so I took it down.”

“Took it down…”


Raul seemed to want to say something, but then simply continued moving forward.


“You’re welcome to visit anytime~!”

“I’m never coming here again!”


I said so while waving my hand.

Raul angrily shouted back that he would never come to the village again, but I took that to mean that he just had no intention of attacking us again.


“…and they’re gone.”

“Great work, Luke-sama.”



After I have seen Raul’s army off, Millia approached.


“I didn’t expect Raul-sama to be won over. You’re really something, Luke-sama.”


If it was possible to win over someone like Raul through simple conversation, the world would have been peaceful long ago.


“No, it’s not as amazing as that. Our interests just overlapped this time.”


In any case, the village should come back to being peaceful again.



“Huh? Wait, you’re…”


A man I’ve met before rushed toward me.

When I saw Selen and Selius behind the man, I became certain of his identity.


“Lord Bazurata…?”


He was the head of the Bazurata house. Or probably more importantly, he was the father of Selen and Selius.

When I realized who he was, I reflexively tensed up.


“Thank you for looking after my daughter and my son!”




“But I must say, it is truly amazing that you were able to build a city as grand as this in such a short time! When I first heard that you were sent to develop a wasteland, I was quite astonished. But looking back, Lord Albert must have believed that you can do such a difficult task!”


I initially thought that Lord Bazurata journeyed all the way here to take back his children, but the mood around him suggested that it might not be the case.


“You’re singing quite the different tune now that Luke won, aren’t you? I mean, didn’t you march here to help Raul?”


Selen snorted in dismay.


“My sister, it isn’t like that at all. Our father has brought troops solely so that he can help us.”

“O-o-o-obviously, yes. What Selius just said!”




“At any rate, Luke-sama, please continue looking after my children! I fear I must now bid you farewell!”


He explained that there was something pressing he must attend to back at his territory and so must depart as soon as possible.


“I wish he stayed in the village a little longer…”

““No, it’s absolutely better he doesn’t!””

“At least stay for a meal…”

““No, it’s absolutely better he doesn’t!””


For some reason, both Selen and Selius zealously stopped me from asking Lord Bazurata to stay longer.

Are they not close…?


“I mean, it’ll be troublesome if he ends up saying he never wants to return home again…”

“As expected, if even my lord father leaves the territory…”        



I did not get why the two looked so worried, but in any case, their stay in the village was now officially allowed.

Thank goodness for that.


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