Chapter 119: As you can see, it’s a barbeque

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“When will we get out of here…”


The knight and the force he led were trapped within the walls, and he found himself unable to do anything about it.

He—a loyal retainer of the Albert house—had participated in the recent war against the Schneger house, and there, he saw the might of Raul firsthand. Due to that, he thought victory would come easy this time as well.

Things didn’t go as expected though.


Some time ago, they heard a thunderous roar, making them shiver with the thought that monsters from the nearby monster-infested areas were set loose to attack them.

Yet, things remained calm and seemed to remain so for some time. And after a while of it, he and the soldiers have grown bored and sat on the ground.


<<Can you hear me?>>



He suddenly heard a voice. Without thinking, he looked around to find the source, but the soldiers around him were minding their business and were unlikely to be the one that spoke to him.


<<I’m not nearby. I’m speaking directly into your mind.>>

“Directly into my mind…?”


Regardless whether it was through magic or a Gift, the fact that they had an enemy with such ability was enough to make him increase his vigilance.


<<The battle is over. Your leader has been captured, and the main body of your army has surrendered.>>

“W-what!? Stop spouting lies! There’s no way Raul-sama’s been defeated…!”


Having heard that information, he shouted without meaning to.

This caused a stir among the soldiers, leading him to think that this was part of the enemy’s trap.


“You’re just saying that to rattle us up, aren’t you!? We won’t fall for that trick, you bastard!”

<<What good will rattling you up do? You’re trapped there; there’s nothing you can do against us anyway.>>



What the other person made sense to him, making him unable offer a rebuttal.


<<Listen. If you want to get out of there, you’ll have to follow my instructions.>>

“Your instructions…?”

<<Firstly, I want all of you to throw your weapons to the ground. …if you don’t want to, it’s fine by me. Just don’t blame us if you starve to death in there.>>



Having heard his side of the conversation, the soldiers talked among themselves. Things like “was Raul-sama really defeated?”, “then, is the battle over”, “I hope they’ll let us out of here soon” could be heard here and there.

Like that, it was now impossible to maintain morale without doing what the voice instructed.


“I understand…we surrender.”


He then gave instructions to the soldiers to throw down their weapons to the ground.

In the first place, the soldiers didn’t really support the justification for the battle that they were given. Add to that the unheard-of things that happened—like the maze and how it trapped them with its walls—and it was really to no one’s surprise that not a single soldier was against surrendering.




“The walls…!”

“We can finally get out!”


The walls that locked them in moved, allowing them to get out of the enclosure.

There was still the maze to contend with, but the voice provided them with accurate instructions on how to overcome it. Before long, they saw the city in the wasteland.


“What’re those tall buildings…there’s so many of them too…is this place really built in just a year?”


Thanks to the series of unforeseen events, the retainer grew dizzy.


“More importantly, where’s the main army, and the others as well…”

<<Don’t worry. They’re just up ahead.>>



Still vigilant, the retainer followed the voice’s instruction.

What they found ahead was––


“Man, this meat’s so deliciousssssssssssssssss!”

“Not just the meat! Even the vegetables are so unbelievable!”


They found their allies enjoying a barbeque.


“Huh…? What’s happening? Uhee…”


When the aromatic scent reached him, he couldn’t help but drool.


<<As you can see, it’s a barbeque. There’s more than enough for you guys as well. Feel free to eat as much as you want.>>



After a little while, familiar people called out to him.


“Ah, Pel-dono, you’re here!”

“Better start eating, haha!”

“…! Ciel-dono! And Baiden-dono too!”


These fellow knights were in charge of their own units, but have since surrendered as well.


“W-what’s happening here? …*drool*

“Luke-sama arranged this for us! *nom nom* He knew we’d be hungry and, *nom nom*, prepared this for us!”

“Please decide whether you’re going to talk or eat…*drool*

“Says the one who can’t stop himself from drooling!”


Due to the deployment being rushed, their army actually didn’t have enough provisions for a prolonged battle.

And as such, food was rationed quite conservatively, leaving the soldiers fairly hungry.


“Anyway, Pel-dono, shouldn’t you give your subordinates the permission to eat soon? The more you delay, the more they’ll resent you, you know.”



After being told so, the retainer looked behind him.

There, he saw his subordinates looking at him with frightening looks on their faces.

Even if they were hungry and even if the food was right before them, the soldiers knew better than to eat before being given the permission to do so.


If left as they were, never mind the soldiers resenting him, they would curse him to death.

And so, the retainer hurriedly shouted something to them.


“E-everyone, you may now eat!”

“““Yes, sir!!!!”””



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