Chapter 116: Well, that was…anticlimactic

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For adventurers like us, this village was all sorts of wonderful.

Not only did it provide delicious food and clean beds, it also had a dungeon where we could earn our keep.

And on top of all that, we were able to receive our Gifts because of this village.


For all those reasons, I decided to fight for the village.

The enemy was said to be village chief’s half-brother, but as long as he aims to destroy the village, I had no intention of holding back.

With my Gift, I felt stronger than ever. I even felt like I could take on a hundred normal soldiers all by myself.


“Well, that was…anticlimactic. I thought we were supposed to be fighting 5,000 soldiers.”



I found myself agreeing to Hazena’s words of disappointment.

The enemy general has been captured, thus ending the fighting.

In fact, it was a complete victory. No one from our party even got wounded.


“Not even 500 soldiers reached this far…I mean, what was that maze of walls anyway…they weren’t there yesterday, right…?”

“I obviously think that Chief Luke is an amazing person, but…”


It would seem our assessments of him were off…Chief Luke, he’s…he’s utterly absurd…


     ◇ ◇ ◇


“Ha, hahaha…what I fool I was to even have worried…”


I watched it all unfold from the top of an observation tower in the center of the village.

My guards including Bazara weren’t with me at the moment since they were in the battlefield below. Instead, I was with Millia-sama—Luke-sama’s maid—and a few others.


When Raul-sama’s 5,000 soldiers first arrived, Luke didn’t even break a sweat.

For why would he, when the labyrinth he made took care of most of those soldiers. That said, some of them still broke through.

When the remaining soldiers charged, a moat—likely built by Luke-sama’s Gift— suddenly appeared in place of the ground. The soldiers fell to the water, dampening them and their fighting spirit.


“That gigantic tree in the fields…it’s a Tree Dragon…!?”


I had exclaimed so when I saw the tree suddenly move and then charge at the enemies.

I just couldn’t believe they had tamed even such a monster…


In the end though, the two armies—or what’s left—clashed against each other.

Thankfully, the side that triumphed was ours. Better yet, our triumph was an overwhelming one. None of us were seriously wounded.

In fact, Bazara who was prepared to kill and to be killed had the chance to engage only a single enemy. That enemy was already tired and wounded when they fought, so when Bazara attacked them, they immediately fainted.

…I should show my appreciation for his efforts later…


At any rate, with that, my family was now safe.

My wife who was in furious opposition right to the end should now be able to find some way to forgive me.


…or at least I hope. If things didn’t work out, I fear she’ll have killed me before any announcement of my execution was made.


I had lost my position as governor of the North and there was no chance of getting it back, but that was nothing.

I was of the mind that our family should move here in the village anyway.

I would very much like it to see how the village would develop, preferably firsthand and beside Luke-sama. And whenever possible, I would like to make use of my experience as governor alongside whatever else I could offer to contribute to the growth of the village.


    ◇ ◇ ◇


“It’s so absurd…”


 Selius remarked so.

More than he was delighted by the fact that their side won, he was shocked.


His sister had told him to return home, but in the end, he decided to stay in the village. Of course, not just as a spectator but as a soldier should the situation call for it.

It’s just that the situation never called for it. He was on standby in an observation tower all throughout the fighting.


The battle aside, it was clear to him that the observation tower he was in was odd.

Even from the tower, he was able to see a small stone in the ground so clearly. It was as if his vision had improved multiple times. And thanks to that, he was able to see her dignified beauty as she stood in the battlefield, bow in hand. Of course, he tried to avert his sight away, saying to himself that this was not the time for such a thing, only for him to look at her again.


“Huh? That’s…”


When he tried to avert his eyes away from her again, he saw a group arrive in the wasteland.

Thanks to his enhanced vision, he saw that the group was armed, making him think they were enemy reinforcements.

But then, he recognized a person in the vanguard. For how could he not recognized the person…



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