Chapter 102: Is the cell…moving!?

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Raul has dispatched a team to investigate the wasteland.

The team was able to confirm the existence of the city in the wasteland, and has decided to split up into two groups. Majority of the team was to go back and report to Raul, while the rest was to go infiltrate the city and obtain more information like its layout and its war potential.


“Please take care.”

“Haha, who do you think you’re talking to? I’ve been in far more dangerous places than this so many times.”


They exchanged wishes of good luck like that and began to part ways.

However, right at that moment, the ground they stood on suddenly vanished.




Not understanding what was going on, all they could do was scream as they fell down the hole.





Somewhat fortunately, they didn’t drop down too far, so none of them were injured seriously.

Even so, the suddenness of it all shook them, visibly so. It took them quite a bit of time before they began making sense of their situation.


“Where are we…?”

“Is…isn’t this a jail?”


Somehow, they ended up in a jailcell.

They were surrounded by 3 sides of stone walls and 1 side of iron bars.

When they peeked beyond the iron bars that sealed them within, they saw an unbending underground passage that seemed to stretch on infinitely.

It might not be the best time for it, but they couldn’t help but notice how splendid the underground path was. It was probably the best they had ever seen.


Suddenly falling down a hole, finding themselves trapped within a jailcell, and gazing upon the underground path, it was truly a bizarre situation they landed themselves in.

Yet, things only continued to get more bizarre.




“Is the cell…moving!?”

“What the hell’s happening here!?”



The series of events have overwhelmed and paralyzed the team.


Before long, the cell stopped moving.

Just when the team thought they could breathe at last, another source of dread showed up.


“Eheeheehee, welcome everyone.”



An old woman who laughed menacingly approached the cell.

She was small and seemed frail, but for some reason, a chill ran down everyone’s spine.


“Who are you!? What are you going to do to us!?”

“Eheeheehee, before I tell you that, how about yous tell me why you’ve come here?”



Even the veteran spy in the group was convinced that this wrinkled old woman with a sadistic laugh was dangerous.


 ◇ ◇ ◇


A certain group has come to our village. They looked to be immigrants at first glance, but my Intruder Detection skill has determined that they posed a threat to the village.


After I was made aware of them by Intruder Detection, I constructed an underground tunnel that stretched until it was right below them. In that spot, I then constructed a jailcell.

Next, through Facility Customization, I made a hole that would drop the group into the now-ceilingless cell.

Like that, we have successfully captured them.


After that, I used Reposition to move the cell deep into the village.

Thanks to Granny, we were able to find out that the group was an investigation team sent by Raul.


“As expected, they were Raul-sama’s henchmen.”


Millia said so in a cold tone.


“Yeah. But is it really alright for us to go this far?”

“What are you saying, Luke-sama? According to the information Granny Nema got, there’s someone among them who was ordered to assassinate you.”

“Yeah! I for one have no intention of going easy on them!”


Millia replied first, and Selen next.

When they put it like that, it was hard to disagree.

…I still don’t want to be in a fight with Raul though…


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