Chapter 163: Does that mean I can make a copy of me or something?

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After this and that, I decided to incorporate both the Dolz and Frenco territories into my village.

Of course, the ones to rule these places would still be the two viscounts. This would be just like what I did for the North: I would only build facilities and roads, but nothing more.


<<The Dolz territory has been added to the village.>>

<<The Frenco territory has been added to the village.>>


The territories were automatically added to my village, without even using Territory Takeover. My best guess was that it was because the two lords already gave me their consent.

In the case with the North, I only had Mitchell-san the governor’s consent, and that maybe wasn’t enough to forgo the use of Territory Takeover.


Immediately after that, the residents of the two lands were registered as my villagers.


<<The 47,392 citizens of the Dolz territory are now your villagers.>>

<<The 83,901 citizens of the Frenco territory are now your villagers.>>


“So many! That’s an entire dominion for you…the Dolz citizens alone would have doubled my villager count…”


The number of my villagers increased by more than a hundred thousand in one go.

I had about 40,000 villagers before, and now I had four times that number all of a sudden.


<< Ta-ta-ta-dah! Congratulations! Because you now have more than 100,000 villagers, your village has become level 10!>>

<<1,000,000 village points have been acquired as level up bonus.>>

<<You can now build more kinds of facilities.>>

<<Maximum village area has been increased.>>

<<The village skill [Body Double Creation] has been acquired.>>


My village level increased again.

The facilities that I became able to build were:


<<Nursery (100 points): A facility for nursing young children. A safe environment. Improves the effects of intellect training.>>

<<Retirement home (200 points): A facility where the elderly can comfortably spend their time. Prevents senility. Maintains health.>>

<<Theater (300 points): A facility where plays and concerts could be presented to an audience. Improves the villagers’ artistic sensibilities.>>

<<High-rise apartment building (500 points): A very tall apartment building. Has excellent security. Also has underground parking.>>

<<Hospital (1,000 points): A medical care facility where patients can stay for further treatment. Abates the patients’ pain. Improves self-healing. Improves the effect of medical treatment.>>


“Given the recent childbirth boom in the village, a nursery is surely going to be needed. Hospitals that can provide inpatient care is so valuable as well.”


I also got a new village skill.


“Body Double Creation…? Does that mean I can make a copy of me or something?”


<<100,000 village points will be consumed to produce a body double. Proceed? *Yes||No>>


At 100,000 points, it’s gotta be a high-performance double, right?


At the moment, I could easily spare that many points, so I proceeded to make one right away.


<<A body double will now be produced.>>


In the next moment, my shadow started wriggling. Before long, a three-dimensional figure started to emerge from it. When it was complete, I found myself staring at another me.


“Hmm…so this is a so-called body double?”


“Woah, it replied!”

“I did. A pleasure to meet you. I’m Luke.”

“It’s got a robotic way of talking though.”


The double seemed capable of talking, maybe even of conversation. It was like it had an A.I..


“I can learn through experience, so please teach me lots of things.”


It seemed to have a learning function.

It really is like an AI.


“You can also control me remotely.”

“Remotely? How? With my voice?”

“By transferring your consciousness into me.”


When I tried it out, I saw the world from the double’s point of view. I even saw my real body.

I also tried moving the double’s body, and then talking.


“This is amazing, isn’t it?”


Apparently, if I took control of the double’s body, it couldn’t give any reply.


Moreover, it seemed like I could still use my Gift while possessing the double’s body.

I also found out later that I could send my consciousness to the double even if the double was so far away.


“Doesn’t this mean that I can send the double to some faraway place and have it act on its own until I think it’s necessary to takeover. Maybe I should try this out by sending it to the Dolz and Frenco territories.”


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