Chapter 8: Why can’t we just get along?

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“Show me?”


Selen asked me that as she wondered what I was talking about.

I decided to make a storehouse so that I could more easily explain my Gift. We didn’t have any pressing need to have a storehouse right now, but a use for it would come sooner or later anyway.


<<20 village points will be consumed to build a storehouse. *{Yes}||{No}>>


The moment after I selected yes, a splendid storehouse made of earth appeared before us.




Her mouth wide open, Selen was stunned.


“This is what my Gift, [Village Building], does. It can build something I need in an instant. Of course, it can’t build all kinds of things. Actually, right now, I can only choose from 10 kinds of facilities.”


Plus, because of the cost of each item, I also could only build a limited number of them.


“Wait, wait, wait. I’ve never heard of a Gift that does something like that! Are, are you saying that this field is also…”

“Yup, made through my Gift.”

“…so that’s how you have all these things in such a short amount of time. It would have been impossible otherwise.”


When Selen understood the situation, words once again popped at the edge of my vision.


<<Make her a villager? *{Yes} || {No}>>


No, no, there’s no way Selen should live in such a simple village!

I retorted so in my mind as I came to decision to just ignore the message.


“But are you really sure about breaking off your engagement to Raul? I mean, I doubt my family will just let the matter go…”


Compared to the Albert family, the Bazurata family had a meager army.

So, if the Bazurata family were to unilaterally cancel this arrangement, it would be no surprise if the Albert family would respond by sending in troops.


“Even the Albert family won’t have enough resources to do that. If they decide to make the Bazurata family their enemy as well, they’d be surrounded on all sides.”

“You have a point…”


The Albert family might be powerful, but because its territory was so large, it had many hostile neighbors to worry about. In other words, ruining their relationship with the Bazuruta family was not something the Albert family would actively pursue.


“Still, won’t you leaving hurt the Bazurata family…?”


Selen was one of the few people who had 2 Gifts. In addition to [Dual Wield] which was a Gift that enhanced her ability to fight with two swords, she also had [Blue Magic] which allowed her to use water and ice magic.

In fact, due to her contributions in the battlefield, she already earned herself an alias: [Frozen Blades Princess].


“I was going to be married off and sent away anyway, so my absence was taken into account a long time ago. Plus, my younger brother’s blessing revealed that he had a strong Gift. As long as he’s there, they’ll manage.”


If memory serves right, her younger brother was about my age.


“Anyway, by the looks of things, living here doesn’t look so bad.”

“Huh? You’re planning to live here?”

“Yeah? I mean, I’m not going back and I have nowhere I got to be.”

<<Selen is now a villager.>>


Woah, she became a villager on her own!?


When I checked, it indeed said that I now had two villagers.

The number of points I earned each day rose to 12 as well.

More importantly though…


“Won’t you reconsider? Even with my Gift, the fact remains that this is still an undeveloped wasteland. We still don’t have decent houses and harvest is not until much later. Meanwhile, with your powers, I’m certain you’d be given a high post anywhere you might go.”

“Are you saying you don’t want me here, Luke?”

“No, that’s not my point at all.”


For some reason, Selen asked so while giving Milia a sharp look.

Weirder still, Millia responded with a sharp look of her own.


Why are these two glaring at each other like this? Isn’t this supposed to be their first meeting…?


“To be frank, this is not at all a suitable environment for a daughter of a noble house such as yourself. We don’t even have beds or baths here.”

“These conditions are common in the battlefield, so this is nothing new to me. Besides, what if another monster attack like the one earlier happens again? Wouldn’t you agree that my strength will be needed? Or are you saying you have enough power to protect Luke?”


I felt a dangerous atmosphere as Millia and Selen talked to each other.

Hey, why are the two of at odds…?


“…you make a fine point. Very well, do as you please, but please be reminded that your previous social status won’t be recognized here. I’m the first villager, you’re the second, so I’ll be the one with superiority between us.”

“Ohh, so you’re saying that that’s the only thing you have an advantage over me?”


If I absolutely had to comment anything, I would have said Selen was on the offense here.

I mean, why can’t we just get along?


“Not really. I could have compared our breasts, but even I thought that was too harsh.”

“Who are you calling flat-breasted!?”

“Oh my, when did I ever utter the words ‘flat-breasted’?”

“Sh-shut up! I’m still growing, you know!”

“Now that you mentioned it, I think my breasts were 3 times as large as yours when I was 15.”

“…! I’m, I’m just a late-bloomer!”


As though she had a complex about it, Selen became teary eyed and shouted so.

In a complete reversal, Selen was now on the defense.


…as for me, I simply headed the other way. I didn’t want to get involved any more than I have, so I stealthily snuck away.

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