Chapter 33: I’ll be sure to reward your admirable character

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Weapons were made to be used.

Yet, upon learning that I was the one who made the weapons, both Balrath-san and Rando-kun insisted that they were going to treat the first ones they received as heirlooms. They seemed so adamant about it that I felt like I couldn’t convince them to do otherwise, so I decided just to make new weapons. Making more weapons was always the plan anyways.


“Is this a weapon workshop or something…?”

“No, this most definitely is a prison, but…”


I was making swords and spears one after the other, causing the bandits in the cells to be dumbfounded like before, if not more.


“Eheeheehee, I wonder which of you I’ll rehabilitate next?”


“Will it be you? You? Or perhaps you? Eheeheeehee”


Before I realized it, granny picked up one of the spears I made and began assessing the bandits.

More than once, she seemed like she was going to poke them with the spears. Seeing them be frightened by that seemed to delight her though.


“Alright, I’ve decided. You, you, and you. Also, you and you.”


Granny hasn’t done anything yet, but the chosen five people became ghastly pale.

And when they were being brought out of the jailhouse, their faces became that of utter despair..


((Hey, hey, young man.))


Hmm? Did I hear a voice just now? Just my imagination?


I looked around, but it didn’t seem like anyone was calling out to me.


((It’s not your imagination. I am the one who spoke to you. I’m the man in the far back.))


I looked at where the voice said and saw a bandit who was leaning against the wall. He was a middle-aged man who looked far too proper to be a bandit.

Now that I think about it, there was someone who had a Gift called [Telepathy] among them, wasn’t there?


((I’m Satin. I belonged to a noble house before, but after some events, I was cast out of my home. After some more twists and turns, I found myself having to do ill deeds just to survive…))


He quickly told me his life’s story.

His story made some sense of things. Specifically, how a group of bandits had someone with a Gift, a thing mostly reserved for nobles and wealthy merchants.


((I’ve really reflected on my actions today. Robbing people so that I could live is no way to live at all. I would rather die than to hurt another soul…))


((But dying’s too easy. Let me devote myself to this village as my way to repent for my crimes.))

((…are you really sorry?))

((Yes! Absolutely!))


I decided to use my Villager Appraisal on the bandit who was desperately pleading for his release.


Name: Satin

Age: 34 years old

Village Bond Level: Rebellious

Suitable Occupation: Communications Officer

Gift: Telepathy


His village bond level is rebellious?


<<Like it implies, the person is in the state where they are liable to do something rebellious against the village.>>


Yup, he’s not sorry at all.


By the way, those who finished the rehabilitation process had a village bond level of low. While we shouldn’t expect much from them, we at least didn’t have to worry about them either.


((So, how about it, young man? Release me from this place, please?))


This man was clearly getting on my good side just to get out of his cell.


((You want to get out of being rehabilitated by granny that much?))

((…! Well, there’s that, but it’s so much more than that! I just want to be of use to this village as soon as possible!))


The moment I mentioned granny, his face went pale.

He might have thought I would be easy to trick, but he wouldn’t get his way this time.


“Hey granny.”

“Hmm, what is it?”

“That man over there says he wants to go to the rehabilitation facility as soon as possible.”



When I said that, the man was shocked.


((Oi, what do you think you’re doing!?))

((Oh, so that’s how you really talk?))

((You brat!))


Meanwhile, granny was delighted with what I said.


“Well, aren’t you admirable?”


She looked at the man, said so, and then gave out her usual eheeheehee laugh.


“Alright. You, trade places with that one.”


Like that, the bandit named Satin begrudgingly switched with one of the previously chosen bandits.


“Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to reward your admirable character with a stricter rehabilitation. Eheeheehee.”


Maybe it was because she was able to perceive what transpired, but either way, granny laughed sadistically.


((I was just kidding earlier! I tell you, kidding! I’ve really repented! Please, get me out of this, please!))


With beseeching eyes, he sent me another telepathic message, but I ignored him this time.

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