Chapter 32: What the hell’s going on in this village?

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I reached the jailhouse.

The bandits within the cells had their eyes on me as soon as I entered, so I couldn’t help but be a bit scared.

I tried to pay it no mind as much as I could though, and concentrated on the task I came here to do. So, I lightly touched the bars separating me from the bandits.


“Hmm, it looks like I can use this.”


My idea was to use Facility Customization on these metal bars and make weapons even stronger than those made of wood.


“But if I start as is, there’ll be a gap between the bars….”


After paying 2 points, the bars in the cell increased by 1.




The bandits—who were still watching me—saw an additional bar suddenly appear, so they were understandably surprised.


I detached one end of the additional bar and made it shorter. Next, I expanded it horizontally, but also flattened it a bit. I then made the disconnected end become pointed.

I repeated these things until the bar was shaped like a sword.

When I was satisfied with its form, I detached the other the end, effectively making it no longer part of the facility.


What dropped to the floor was unmistakably a sword.

This only made the bandits even more clueless as to what was going on.


“I did it! …woah, it’s much heavier than I thought.”


I remarked so after picking it up.

It was quite dense. But then, that should also mean that it was strong.

Now that I think about it though, if I made the swords from the shed to be denser, maybe they would have become stronger as well.


Leaving that thought aside, I decided to strike the wall with the metal sword I made. The impact with the wall caused shockwaves to be transmitted directly to my arms though.


“Ow, ow, ow. I feel like my arms are about to fall off any moment.”


The problem was that the part I was holding was an extension of the blade. In other words, I was holding the blade’s shank.

If I remember right, they usually cover the lower part with wood or leather.


After giving it some thought, I decided to make the hilt with the wood from the shed.

So, I moved the shed next to the jailhouse. Next, I placed the blade’s shank to the outer wall of the shed. I then made the wall wrap itself tightly around the shank. I made sure to make the wood be dense. Once I was satisfied, I detached the finished hilt from the wall.

Obviously, I would have preferred to make the parts—the blade and the hilt—individually first and then combine them at a later time. However, because the sword parts wouldn’t have been considered part of their respective facilities anymore, I wouldn’t have been able to use Facility Customization to combine them.


“Am I dreaming…?”

“…how can you be when I’m seeing the exact same thing…”

“He made a sword out of the metal bar, and then suddenly made a shed appear… what’s the hell’s going on in this village?”


The bandits who saw the whole thing were stunned silly. I mean, it is a bizarre thing to witness.


“Anyway, it’s complete now. The wooden grip should be able to absorb a bit of the shock. While I’m at it, I guess should try to make a spear. Only the tip should be made of metal, I think, and the rest should be made out of wood.”


As long as I made the shaft be compact, it should be strong enough.



After following similar steps, I finished the spear as well. I brought both the sword and the spear to show it to Selen.


“Selen, look, I was able to make decent weapons this time.”

“This is made from…iron? Where did you get it from though?”


Selen was quite surprised by the weapons.

Nevertheless, she summoned Balrath-san and sparred with him again.


This time though, even after several exchanges of blows, the sword I made didn’t break.


“It seems strong enough.”

“Yes. I don’t mind using this in real fights.”


It seemed like the sword passed.

Next, to test the spear, Selen called Rando-kun who had [Spear Techniques].


“It’s so easy to handle. More importantly, its sharpness is so different from the one I’ve been using. With this spear, even I should be able to contribute to our hunts!”


Because Rando-kun has been using a wooden spear until now, he was so delighted to receive the spear I made.


“But where did this spear come from?”

“I made it.”

“You did, village chief?!”


His eyes wide open, Rando-kun shouted so.


“Wow! I promise you, village chief, this spear will never see battle!”

“Huh? Why!?”

“Because it’s the very first item you’ve bestowed upon me. It’s a treasure. No, it’s more than that. It’ll be an heirloom I’ll pass on to my children and my children’s children!”

“No, please, just use it!”


It’s not that grand!


“Ghh…if I knew, I wouldn’t have swung it so carelessly earlier…”


Not you too, Balrath-san!


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  1. Blacksmith will easily run out of business in that universe. Kinda stupid turn of twist, tbh


    • hoang303030 said:

      nah, don’t think so, there’s so much he can do by himself, if there is no blacksmith then there will be no one to make stuffs when he is busy doing something else.


    • Blood Scion of Molag Bal said:

      Nah… I don’t think so, his occupation is bery rare that basically there is no one that truly understand it potential. If not so, they won’t abandon him

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    • agree it’s foolish, are they really need that many weapons?? and where are the weapon from the bandits?? there is a better way/tactic to defend village

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    • and what’s funny is, they still can learn to create weapons even if not as great as weapons created by gift “blacksmiths”
      and there is an easy weapon that can be created for defense for example, is bow
      and 200+ villagers but no one has a gift for creat something?? but for writer, they have LOL


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  3. Thank you again!

    Priestess is doing a proper job at both religion and propaganda.


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