Chapter 114: No, I’m just a villager…?

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Raul was hit by a giant shield and was sent flying. Eventually, he crashed to the ground and tumbled over and over again.




When the marching soldiers saw their leader, whom they expected to break through enemy lines, get sent back, they unintentionally stopped.

It was because their side had Raul, who possessed the Gift that was said to be unmatched, that these soldiers were able to carry on. So, seeing that leader being repelled by a single enemy, the soldiers trembled fiercely.


“Preposterous…how can I…”


Despite standing up, Raul was unable to hide his confusion as to what just happened.

And taking advantage of this, the enemy leader gave a command to his troops.


“Everyone, are you ready!? Alright! Charge!!!”



With a thundering war cry, the enemies rushed toward Raul’s confused and unmoving army.




In a fluster, Raul shouted so. Soon after, the two armies clashed against one another.

The enemy army was composed of 200 soldiers. As for their side, although there was only about a hundred of them left, each one of them was an elite soldier. Many of them even had combat-type Gifts.

Even if they were somehow caught in an ambush, these soldiers wouldn’t ever lose to a disorganized and untrained mob of immigrants. …or so it should have been.




“W-who are these people!? They’re too strong!”


Raul’s elites were completely outmatched. And it wasn’t just because they were outnumbered. Even one against one, the elites were being pushed back.


“Who are you!? How are you able to fight against a Gift bearer like me!? Are you some renowned knight who’s in hiding in this wasteland?”

“No, I’m just a villager…?”

“Just a villager my foot!”


Even those that had Gifts were having a great deal of trouble against the enemies.


“Impossible! How can this be happening!? How are there so many strong soldiers in this wasteland city…”

“Raul, as you can see, you have no chance of winning. There’s no sense in continuing to fight. You should just declare your surrender right away.”



The one to appear before a very baffled Raul was a blue-haired girl named Selen.


“Like I suspected, you are with Luke…!”


    ◇ ◇ ◇


When the population of the village reached 10,000, my village leveled up and I gained a new village skill called [Villager Strengthening].

In simple terms, it boosts my villagers’ stats temporarily.


How long it lasts would depend on the strengthening effect I’ve chosen to apply. For example, supposing I’ve decided to double someone’s stats, that effect would last for about 5 minutes. However, if I only boosted that villager’s stats by 1.5 times, the effect could last for about 10 minutes.

Once the applied effects were gone, I couldn’t use the skill again for about an hour. Fortunately, there wasn’t any limit to how many people I could use it on at once.

In other words, it was possible for me to strengthen all 200 villagers that were about to fight.


“You’re in my way! I’ll cut down your giant body along with that shield of yours!”

“Protect the chief, I will!”

*Strengthen Noel-kun!*


Noel-kun intended to fight with the approaching Raul in order to protect me.

He had the [Shield Master Techniques] and should be fine even on his own, so I decided to support him by giving him a boost of only 1.2 times.


“Shield Bash!!!”



Like that, Noel-kun sent Raul flying.

Raul’s soldiers couldn’t believe that their leader who had [Sword Master Techniques] was repelled so easily. So much so that they stopped their march.


Not missing a beat, I gave a command.


“Everyone, are you ready!? Alright! Charge!!!”



The villagers, who were now 1.5 times stronger than usual, gave out such a war cry in response.

Majority of the 200 present had Gifts, while the rest had experience fighting because they were adventurers and former bandits.


As for the enemy side, the remaining soldiers seemed to be elites, but not only did we outnumber them, we also outmatched them especially after the strengthening.

And so, they were completely overpowered.


At the moment, Selen was confronting Raul and convincing him to surrender.



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