Prologue: The 500th Demon Lord

I woke up and found myself in a gloomy stone room illuminated by candles.

When I looked on the ground, a magic formation shone a pallid light.


“Where am I? What is this place?”


I stood up and restlessly looked around.

There wasn’t anything of note in the room that I could see.

Why am I in such a place…?

No, first of all,


“Who the heck am I?”


I muttered so. I couldn’t remember anything.

I didn’t even know my own name.

Greatly perplexed, I desperately searched my memories for clues but nothing came up.

It was worrisome and I couldn’t help but worry.

As I was thinking so, *clunk*, a high-pitched clunking noise resounded.


When I looked in the direction it came from, a woman was there.

An extraordinarily beautiful woman with brown skin and white hair. And also, a wolf’s ears and tail.

She wasn’t just beautiful, she also had this certain sense of dreadfulness. An overwhelming presence enough to freeze the soul of anyone that dared look at her.


“Finally, you’re born. I was tired of waiting.”

Her words were short but in it, there was joy. There was resignation. There was envy.

Each and every emotion there is, squeezed into those words.

Although I was fascinated by her, I spoke.


“Tell me, who are you? Where is this place? Who the heck am I?”


The beautiful wolf-girl listened to my questions and then smiled a thin smile.

She then opened her mouth.


“I am the [Beast] Demon Lord, Marchosias1Since you’re someone special, I’ll let you call me Marcho.”

“Marcho… Marcho, do you know who I am?”

“Of course, I know who you are. You’re the newly born Demon Lord. A Demon Lord just like me.”


Marcho’s shadow stretched. And from it, a blue wolf appeared.

With the same force it had when it jumped out from the shadow, it plunged towards me.


“The rank D monster, Garm. It’s a vicious monster that devours normal human beings in an instant. Well then, I wonder what’ll happen to you.”


My eyes opened wide.

So did the wolf with his mouth. Naturally, I backed away.

I wanted to run away but my legs were shivering, unable to take a single step.

The distance with the blue wolf rapidly shortened.




It was almost upon me. I rolled to avoid the blue wolf’s charge.

Just before it passed through, a high-pitched clinking sound was made. It was the sound of teeth striking teeth. Had I not been able to avoid it, those sharp teeth would have most probably sunk deep in my body.

The blue wolf once again faced me, preparing to rush in my direction.

I fell down and couldn’t get up.

Like that, I would have certainly got hurt.

As the wolf was drooling towards me, it dove in.

I’m going to be killed.

No, I don’t want to die.

Am I just to grit my teeth and die?

Isn’t there something, anything that I could do?

Certain words popped up in my mind. In order to hang on, I uttered those words.




I uttered almost unconsciously.

I, my power was used.

Particles of light gathered in my hand. And what appeared was a pistol… A Quartz 192.

A best-selling automatic pistol developed by an Austrian weapon maker. Although small, it had a great clip size and was highly reliable.

It felt like it fitted nicely into my hands. I shouldn’t have any memories but I thought it was something I missed using.

The moment I held the gun, I calmed down. The world moved slower.

My heart was on fire but my mind was cold to the touch.

It was as usual. It was the same practiced movement, the elimination of the threat before me.

The blue wolf came, leaping. I stared at it and placed it under my sights.

I then fire three consecutive shots. In order for the bullets to better penetrate the wolf, I fired between the wolf’s brows. That sent the wolf flying and raising a shriek. And then, it slammed into the ground.


Yelp, yelp, yelp

That surprised me. The wolf received bullets to the head and yet it lives. In spite of the bullets in its head and all the bleeding, the blue wolf was still glaring at me.

I stood up and approached it with care. While towering over the blue wolf, I fired at it continuously. I shot all the bullets into its head.

A Quartz 19 has a clip size of 15 and when I fired all of it, the wolf no longer moved, not even a twitch. The wolf turned into blue particles and disappeared.


“Haa, haa, haa.”


After the threat passed away, the dread immediately returned to me.

My teeth chattered.

What the heck? What I did, how was that possible?

The answer to that floated in my mind.


『Unique Skill: [Creation] was demonstrated. It materializes certain things from your memories. However, things having a trace of magical power as well as living things can’t be materialized. The consumption of MP is a tenth of the weight of the materialized object in grams.』


Unique Skill, what the heck is that?


“First, congratulations for passing. You were able to draw out your own power. I welcome the birth of a new Demon Lord.”

“Demon Lord?”

“Yes, a Demon Lord. You are someone who creates and governs over monsters and demons; someone who builds and reigns over a malicious labyrinth; someone chosen that has an overwhelmingly powerful Unique Skill. You’re the 500th to be born in this world, the newest Demon Lord.”


A Demon Lord. That’s what I am now.

I don’t know what to truly feel about all this.


“Can you not make a worrying face like that? Until you stand on your own a year later, I will be your ‘Parent’. I will teach you what a Demon Lord truly is.”


The woman before me smiles. With my memories forgotten, my new life has begun.


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1 It seems the naming theme for the demon lords will be the name of the 72 demons

2 Refers to a Glock 19. The author seems to not want to directly say the manufacturer so I also won’t again. Their fairly easy to google anyway, just type in the gun type along with the model.

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  1. I’m the random person who emailed you once, as promised I try to find minor errors, starting from today.

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    “In order for the bullet…” -> “In order for the bullets…” (three consecutive shots, three bullets between the wolf’s brows or just one single bullet? raw-check maybe?)
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    • Thanks very much for this. And sorry too; I should just stop being lazy and edit the earlier chapters. I fixed the first ones but I don’t see the problem with the yelp sfx. Do you see asterisks(*)? Can it be that instead of those, you’re seeing spaces? I guess I’ll just turn them into italics.


  2. ahh, i love this trope of “i have no memories but can perfectly recollect the type, model and manufacturing details of things because reasons”

    thanks for the chap 🙂


  3. Ah, I see. Well, I guess that actually isn’t really important, but it’s always nice to know 😀


  4. So, who is the guy he got the memories from? A mercenary/assassin/special forces soldier or something? If we assume it’s from our world, those are about the only ones I find plausible when it comes to a mindset like that.

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