Chapter 18: Building a Dungeon for the first time

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It was decided that I would participate in a simplified war against [Wind] Demon Lord Stolas as part of a show.

We were given a private room right now so that we could prepare.


Although it was called a private room, it was ridiculously vast to the point that it ranged in the thousands of meters, without any sky or walls. We were in a white dimension separated from the world.

In here were myself; the subordinates I rely upon, Tenko, Elder Dwarf, and Ske-san; and as my parent, one of the strongest Demon Lords, [Beast] Demon Lord Marchosias.


“Ok, let’s build a Dungeon, shall we? Being able to build one for free isn’t so bad, is it?”

“I thought you’d be tensed, Procell, but it seems like that’s not the case; I’m relieved. You should just try out all sorts of things and see what they do.”


Since this was but a show, both of us had little to lose.

The rules were simple.

Within an hour, we were to construct our Dungeon and deploy our monsters.

And after both of us were transferred to the entrance of the other’s Dungeon, the fighting will commence.


One side would be declared the winner if they were the first to destroy the enemy’s crystal found in the innermost part of the Dungeon.

However, we were limited to the provided 10,000 DP. One’s own DP pool was not accessible for the moment.

But the rules also said that it was possible to bring in other properties of ours other than DP. These meant we could bring our monsters.


We were allowed to spend the DP supplied to us as we saw fit but any excess DP as well as the Dungeon we had made would be returned after the [War].

Furthermore, it seemed like any monsters to fall in this fight would be revived afterwards.


“The [Time] Demon Lord, Dantallian, huh.”


By the Creator’s command, the Demon Lord called Dantalian took part in this [War].

He had the ability to make time rewind up to three hours ago for everything within his barrier.

And so, the battle phase’s time limit was two hours.

In short, time was rewound by the end so any monster death shall be reversed.

Moreover, things like our memory of the battle, and the DP and experience obtained by killing monsters would be left intact.


I had no doubt that [Time], in terms of both the abilities it gave to its Demon Lord as well as the abilities of its medals, was of the strongest class.

I wanted to somehow get ahold of one.


“Alright, what kind of Dungeon do you plan on making?”


Marcho was here to support me who had no experience in making a Dungeon.


“I already have an idea. [I shall compose]”


I recited the words of power and the Demon Lord book appeared.

I then opened it and looked at the page containing entries about Dungeon making.


“First of all, the Dungeon will be of the cave-type.”


For the exterior, I chose it to be some kind of mundane cave.

I selected so for one reason only; it was cheap.


I filled the white room with a mountain’s worth of soil and thus completed the cave.

The hole of the cave was dark, as if it was saying it went on forever.

A Demon Lord’s Dungeon was on another dimension so how it appeared outside had nothing to do with how vast it was inside.


“Yeah, you gotta save up wherever you can. You can pay attention to a Dungeon’s exterior once you’ve saved up some DP.”

“I wonder about that. What about for attracting adventurers?”

“…Are you really a beginner?”


What I was talking about was the part where the Dungeon attracts in some humans.

Like, for example, a certain castle-type Dungeon where humans believe they could get things like treasures while also being able defeat some monsters.


So one had to also pay attention to the Dungeon’s exterior especially for a new and unknown Dungeon.


“Well, this Dungeon will only be used for this [War] so I guess it doesn’t really matter. Now, let’s make a vicious Dungeon!”


It was a disposable Dungeon so it’s only purpose was to murder the enemy.

Originally, my plan was to make a Dungeon where humans would have a fair amount of happiness and income but I didn’t have to worry about such things right now.

I only had to worry about annihilating my enemies. That and only that.


“Fufu. That’s the right attitude. All the Demon Lords are watching this show, you know. Take this opportunity to show them your might, [Creation] Demon Lord Lolicell!”


Marcho grinned and giggled.


“………Marcho, what the heck did you just call me?”

“Yeah, huh, what’s the matter Procell? Hey, there’s not much time left. Next on the list is the interior. You’re limited to only a floor for this [War]. It’s going to be a simple Dungeon but that just makes it all the more difficult to build. So, use your head!”


This girl… she definitely said that on purpose.

Later on, I’ll make a monster that wasn’t a loli and make her realize how wrong she is.

But when I turned my head, casually, at my cute monsters, I looked at their eyes full of expectation on whether the Dungeon would be fun.

They were so cute. I wanted to hug them. Fine, I guess don’t mind being Lolicell.


“Ahem, let’s build the Dungeon, shall we?”


A Demon Lord’s Dungeon was composed of three rooms per level.

Each time 10,000 DP was paid, the number of levels the Dungeon had increases but the crystal room would always be in the very last room of the deepest level.

Considering an imitation medal was 500 DP, this was relatively much more expensive.


“Procell, when buying rooms found in your book, remember that the more complex the terrain and the more traps it has, the more expensive it becomes. Adding in magical components will have the tendency of making it even more expensive.”


I flipped the pages as I listened on Marcho’s tips.

It was exactly as she said.

The cheapest was an empty field. It was exactly as it sounded, a terrain with nothing on it. It could be bought for 500 DP.


The next cheapest was a stone room. A room whose floor, walls, and ceiling was made with nothing but stone. For 1000 DP.


Next, stone corridors. It was like the one above but this one was a complex labyrinth which looked like it would be suitable for buying time. For 2000 DP.


The novelty, Lava room, for 3000 DP. An enchanted room was for 6000 DP. And many more but the more elaborate it got, the higher the price.



“Now, Procell, with your limited budget in mind, you better make the best choices.”


Well, I had nothing to worry about. I’ve made up my mind.

I bought three stone rooms.


Upon buying a room, one was able to choose what its general shape and size would be.

In the case of the stone room, one couldn’t build walls within it but they would be able to choose the shape of the stone room itself, whether it be rectangular, triangular or any sort of shape.


Furthermore, one could freely change the size of its dimensions. Its length and width ranged from 3m to 10Km while its height ranged from 3m to 20m.


The greater the size of the room, the more time it would stall the enemies but then that also meant the wider the area one’s monsters  had to guard and the easier it was for the enemy to pass through.

Well, there was no other choice for me.

The rooms’ width was 4m; its length was 2Km; and its height was 3m. I had built three extremely oblong rooms.


“Alright, it’s complete!”


I did a good job.

It was a rather good Dungeon.


“Wai-wait a minute. Why is it a pointlessly long straight-forward path!? The enemies won’t be lost at all. It doesn’t have any traps either. If the enemies just march forward, they’ll get to the deepest part of your Dungeon really quickly, you know!? I mean, what did you save the 7000 DP for!?”


Without understanding what I was planning for, Marcho panicked.


“It’s going to be fine. The room’s height is low, it’s a completely straight path with nothing as cover, and the ground can’t be dug. And, it has exactly two kilometers end to end…… there’s no more ideal field than this.”


These were the three rooms. Plainly speaking, losing hadn’t crossed my mind.


“That confidence… do you have something planned?”

“Yes, rest assured, I have absolute confidence in my defense.”


At that timing, the space warped.


“[Creation] Demon Lord Procell-sama. We have the things you had requested for.”

“Thanks. You may place them there.”


The Succubi working at the Demon Lord Palace came using their transfer magic. They transported the large quantities of weapons as well as the Golems made by Elder Dwarf, both of which were left behind at Marcho’s Dungeon.


The Elder-Dwarf-made Golems weren’t mine so I was unable to put them into my storage and bring them along.

If I didn’t have the Golems with me on this fight, it would then most likely turn into a fierce battle.


The weapons were assault rifles; five Golem-specific more-than-forty-kilograms heavy machineguns, the Browling D2 .50 caliber guns; and a large supply of ammunitions.

And then the “sleep by mustard”. Each room in the Dungeon was perfectly sealed so the “mustard” would be really effective.



“Oto-san, what should Tenko do in this fight?”

“Master, my instructions as well”


Tenko and Elder Dwarf voiced out so.

They held no doubt, not even a fragment of it, about my Dungeon.

They trusted me and perhaps also understood why I made this kind of Dungeon.


“The defense shall all be entrusted to the Golems. And Tenko, Elder Dwarf and the Skeleton squad will focus on the offense! At the start of the [War], we will go deep into the enemy’s Dungeon.”


Basically, it was the stupidest of the stupidest ideas to leave the defense to only the Golems which weren’t even monsters.

After all, the enemy had a number of A and B rank monsters at her command.

However, within my Dungeon and with their equipment, they were impregnable walls.


“Yay, okay! We definitely won’t forgive those guys that looked down on Oto-san!”

“I concur with Tenko. We will make them regret their slight against Master.”

“I’m relying on the both of you.”


I stroked the heads of my reliable daughters.

Tenko smiled, laughed and said Yay! ♪ . As for Elder Dwarf, she was silent but the area near her mouth relaxed.


Marcho looked at me with lukewarm eyes.

My chances of ridding myself of my notoriety as Lolicell got further away.


“Well then, Procell, what will you do with your remaining DP?”

“Use it, of course.”


I had obtained 10,000 precious DP so I had to make effective use of it.

Although the Creator had said that any excess points as well as the Dungeon made for this fight would be retrieved from us.


Put differently, it was fine not to return things other than those.

And so I began making large amounts of imitation medals.


“You’re surprisingly stingy.”

“I prefer being called strategic. Making monsters is a fair strategy in making the Dungeon stronger, right?”


I had received several imitation medals at tonight’s [Evening Party] but was still yet to receive an original one.


I will use these medals and make some monsters. My expectations were particularly high for [Wind] and [Death] due to them being imitations of originally A rank medals. If I fused together the B rank medals I had in possession, it would most probably result in the creation of B rank monsters.

I wasn’t planning on making any of them members of my [Monsters of the Covenant] so they’ll be born with static levels.


Now then, which monsters shall I make? For now, I’ll try combining [Wind] with [Beast] and [Death] with [Person].

I hope [Death] would help give birth to a smart B rank monster.

As I hoped for such, I began the [Synthesis].

There was still plenty of time left. I’ll increase my chances of winning a little bit more.


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