Chapter 8: Shotgun

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What I made for Tenko was…



The Remilton M870P

Length: 1060mm

Weight: 3.6Kg

Caliber: 12 gauge

Magazine size: 6 rounds



A pump-action masterpiece.

The Remilton 870 was favored all over the world as the standard shotgun for its great durability and sturdiness. This model features a magazine capacity more than others.

In the meanwhile, Tenko placed her finger on the trigger guard and skillfully whirled the gun around.


“What is that iron stick? By the looks of it, there doesn’t seem to be any magic power running through it but that doesn’t outright mean that it’s an ordinary weapon, now does it?”

“Look forward to seeing it in action.”


A little while earlier, Tenko did some test firing and she ended up completely pleased with the Remilton M870P.

Even the dangerous gun may be nothing but an amusing toy for her.


So, the four of us headed for where the Maelstrom was.

A monster was already created and it was sleeping somewhere near the swirl.

Its distance was around 50 meters away from us.

It was a demonic dog that had a red mane, the C rank Orthros.


“If a C rank Orthros is going to be created in a level that’s fixed, it’ll be at around level 40 to 50. Considering the difference of their rank and stats, I’d say Tenko-chan’s at a considerable disadvantage. But I guess her special abilities would make it so that she’s just at a slight disadvantage.”


Conversely, for Tenko to have that much fighting power at level 1 was abnormal.

Such was a being called an S rank.

Had she been created to be at a fixed level, just how outside the norm could she had probably been?


“If, by any chance, you can defeat the Orthros without any magic, then you’ll also be able to hunt at the [Crimson Cavern].”


As Tenko heard those words, her eyes lit up and she made a clenched fist.


“Yay ♪! I’ll level up quickly and be more useful to Oto-san!”


She said such a wonderful thing to me.

Tenko then immediately took a deep breath.

Additionally, she loaded the gun by means of a pump-action. A stiff clink sound was heard.

And then, she gave her enemy a stern look and charged at it.


The red maned demonic dog, having the ability to perceive incoming danger, was aware of Tenko.

Originally, a Celestial fox had Flame magic as its specialty. It was then able to do one-sided battles from afar. This time, however, under the assumption that the enemy possessed a high resistance to Flame, Tenko couldn’t use any Flame magic.


The first to attack was the Orthros.

It opened its mouth wide but Tenko did a quick sidestep. The rock that had been behind her exploded and its pieces scattered.

It was the Orthros’ offensive magic, [Acoustic Destruction].

As its name suggests, a cluster of high frequency waves are directed towards the target. It travels at the speed of sound and it’s invisible so dodging it is awfully hard. But Tenko, she just did.


“Tenko won’t be hit. Five more steps.”


Tenko easily avoided the [Acoustic Destruction] fired in quick succession.

But then, the Orthros closed its mouth. Did it stop its magic attacks? The moment I thought so, Tenko did another step, and a [Acoustic Destruction] passed to the place she had just been.


The act of the Orthros opening its mouth was probably nothing but a sham.

A viscous trap for ensuring the kill by making its target think that it has to open its mouth for an attack to come flying in that direction.

But then, Tenko reacted the first time it shot with its mouth closed.


The secret to that lied within her skills. With [Precognition], Tenko was able to sense the world one second ahead. And, with the use of another one of her skills, [Ultra Rapid Reaction], she was able to respond to any threat a second before it could happen.


Harming Tenko who uses these two skills was an extremely difficult thing to accomplish. To do so, one had no choice but to use attacks that she wouldn’t be able to respond to even if she saw them beforehand.

It was, after all, but a second. However, if one had Tenko’s absurd agility and [Ultra Rapid Reaction], it was more than enough.


“One more step!”


It was when she was only 10 meters away from the Orthros that Tenko stopped her steps and prepared her Remilton M870P.

The gun’s long barrel looked unbalanced for the small Tenko.


“Oto-san, I’m gonna use your weapon now.”


And so, Tenko pulled the trigger.

The distance between them was around 10 meters but that much was well within the gun’s effective range. Shotguns had the image of being only usable at close range but 50 meters was more than enough for its bullets to reach and kill its targets.

In fact, it was unnecessary for Tenko to shorten their distance and could have instead attacked from her initial position. However, she had probably thought that by going closer, a fatal blow would be dealt.


Then, the shotgun shell exploded into many tiny pieces and these tiny pieces poured down as if it was rain.

By instinct alone, the Orthros leaped to the side but avoiding all of the shotgun’s shrapnel was impossible. The Orthros received many projectiles and became covered in blood. It then tumbled with a thud.


“What the heck is that?”


Wearing a surprised expression on her face, Marcho was staring at Tenko who fired the shotgun.


“A weapon I made using my Unique Skill.”

“I can’t sense any magic power at all from it but that power, it’s astounding.”

“Rather than magic power, it’s because of the power of science.”


Tenko shortened her distance from the blown away Orthros and then moved the lower part of the gun’s barrel.

It clicked and loaded the next shell.

At almost a point blank range, she pulled the trigger once more.


This time however, the shell didn’t explode. The shell flew straight into the head of the Orthros, blowing off everything from the neck up. The Orthros turned into blue particles and then vanished.


The round she used this time was a slug shell. In a nutshell, slugs were large caliber, single projectile bullets. It was powerful beyond words. It even rivaled a blow from an anti-materiel rifle which were developed for use against armored vehicles. (Note: not a typo, it’s really anti-materiel rifle)

Tenko’s shotgun had been loaded with alternating charges of shot and slug shells, employing a basic strategy of using shot shells to stop the enemy’s movements and the slug shell to finish it off.

“Oto-san, I killed it!”


Tenko proudly waved her hand.

When I looked at her status, I saw that her level went up to three. Considering that she just killed a level 50 Orthros, it was understandable that her level grew in a single leap.


“Well done, Tenko. Come over here so that I can praise you.”

“Yay! ♪”


After she hanged the shotgun to her shoulder using the strap attached to it, she then embraced me. Her tail was swinging and as I stroked her head, her tail’s movement sped up.

Marcho had an amazed look on her face when she opened her mouth.


“I see. Certainly, if you had this, such things as flame resistance wouldn’t matter. This weapon’s attack correction’s quite impressive, isn’t it?”


In this world, there existed the concept of attack power. It’s equal to the sum of one’s own status and their weapon’s.

In other words, weapons, even guns, would not deliver the same effect no matter who uses it.


However, a gun’s attack power was very high so unless a monster with a very high status showed up, the equipment wearer’s stats would be compensated for.

For this reason, I would create a skeleton army. If they were to use a gun, then there would be no difference between fighting a C rank or G rank monster.


“You’re blessed not only with your medal but in your Unique Skill too.”


I honestly thought so too.

It was possible to put this skill in practical use.


“With this, it seems you’re capable of going to the [Crimson Cavern], even by tomorrow. Just to be safe though, go there after you and Tenko have become level 10. The way you guys are right now, you’ll surely win but against enemies stronger than C rank, if you’re hit just once, it’s all over. Better give yourselves some leeway, especially if you’re going with just the two of you.”


As she said, it was scary to be ambushed. Although we might be able to defeat them, hunting wherein we could die from a single blow was nothing but suicidal.


“We’ll do just that. Tenko, until we’ve hit level 10, we’re going to fight the monsters that come from the Maelstrom every day.”

“Boo. I wanna get stronger quickly.”


She puffed her face as though she was dissatisfied.

Upon smiling wryly, I used [Creation] to produce a caramel, and threw it into her mouth.

For a moment, she was surprised but she immediately broke into a smile, held her cheeks, and chew on the caramel. She looked like she had already forgotten about her dissatisfaction earlier and instead, had become fully engrossed with the caramel.


“Your [Creation] medal alone was astonishing but now, you can even make weapons. It’s a useful ability to bolster not just your own fighting strength but also your monsters’. You really are fit to be a Demon Lord.”

“I think so, too. By the way, how about you? What’s your ability? You know mine so is it alright if I knew yours?”


Marcho heard my question and pondered for a while. And after that while passed, she spoke.


“My ability is white wolf transformation. It’s exceedingly simple; it raises my constitution as well as my recovery rate. Just that.”

“It’s precisely because it’s simple that it is a good ability.”

“Well, yeah, I guess. It’s thanks to this ability that I have never been defeated, neither against any human nor any Demon Lord.”


I listened to her words about Demon Lords and I slightly readied myself. Although I had expected it, it looked like Demon Lords really did fight with their fellow Demon Lords sometimes.


“The [Crimson Cavern] though, if you can muster up a sizeable fighting force, then it may be a good idea to conquer that dungeon and break the crystal.”

“Why would I want to do that? It’s like ruining a convenient hunting ground.”


After all, by defeating monsters, I could level up. And it could also be an indirect supply of DP.

It was better to have a Dungeon I could use at my will.


“When one breaks a crystal, you see, it allows them to create the crystal owner’s medal. So with that as their objective, some Demons Lords would break another’s crystal.”

“…If what you’re saying is true, then I’m extremely at risk. It seems like I’ll be targeted instantly.”

“That’s why you should keep your [Creation] a firm secret.”


I nodded my head.

Although I would still live after my crystal was broken, my powers as a Demon Lord wouldn’t be as fortunate.



“Oto-san, that was sweet and delicious! May I have another?”

“Yes, of course. Here.”

“Thanks! I love you, Oto-san!”


When a crystal was broken, all the monsters it had created would vanish.

I didn’t want to part ways with this girl.


“I understand. For the moment, I’ll try to sincerely think about conquering [Crimson Cavern]. But I’ve been wondering: how has the [Crimson Cavern] remained intact until now? Isn’t it strange that it hasn’t been destroyed by humans and other Demon Lords?”


Marcho smiled.

She looked towards the sky as if she was remembering something.


“Once upon a time, monsters had guarded the Demon Lord-less [Crimson Cavern]. But at present, the aides of various Demon Lords guarding the place have either abandoned, been killed or just simply died. And so, after they were gone, I was the one to guard it. In order to protect the crystal, I’ve deployed some of my A rank monsters. To other Demon Lords, I use that place to farm and increase my levels but if ever they make a move on it, I threaten them with war.”

“Having a hunting ground you can use at any time is important after all.”


No one really likes the idea of letting their own monsters prey on one another.


“Officially, sure, I protect it for a place to let my darling monsters increase their levels. But that’s only half of the reason why I do it. The other is because of sentiment. The Demon Lord of that place and I were on good terms. I just couldn’t let the proof that an important friend of mine lived vanish… That’s how things are supposed to be but for some reason, I don’t seem mind if you were the one to break that crystal.”

“You’re a good person, aren’t you?”

“How so? Well, anyway, you should get some sleep. For some reason, only sleep is a must for Demon Lords and monsters. Together with Tenko, when you guys have become level 10, contact me via Succubus, okay? It’s so that I can bring you to the [Crimson Cavern].”


Right after she said those words, Marcho was gone.

She probably returned to her own room by transferring.

This time was about the usefulness of shotguns and the circumstances of Demon Lords. I learned many kinds of things.

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