Chapter 6: Assault Rifle

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We headed towards the house of the Succubus living in this area.

This Succubus was the one in charge of this residential area.

Furthermore, it seems like this residential area is the only safe one on this floor.

Each floor of a Dungeon is divided into three rooms and each of these rooms could be set up individually. I heard that if one were to take a single step outside of the residential area, they’d be attacked by the blood-thirsty monsters.


For us to reach our goal, the Maelstroms that gushes out monsters, we needed the guidance of the Succubus.

We finally arrived at the Succubus’ house and so we knocked.


“Ara, ara. Maa, maa. Welcome [Creation] Demon Lord Procell-sama. I didn’t expect you to pay me a visit on the very first day.”


A calmed toned woman appeared.

But of course, this was no ordinary woman.

She had pink hair, a voluptuous figure, and most noticeably, bat-like wings and a slick, hairless tail.

Such was the B rank monster Succubus.

She had a special effect on her that anyone that looked at her would be attracted to her.

I then felt a pain in my hand. It was Tenko pinching me.


“Muu, Oto-san, what a loose face.”


I must have had a pretty dirty look on my face when I was looking at the Succubus.

Tenko pouted.

It was horrible. With that, I wouldn’t have had any dignity left as both a Demon Lord and as a father.

So I cleared my throat and calmed my mind.

“Succubus. We came here for a task. We want to raise our levels right away, you see, so we wish to use the D rank Maelstrom.”


By the way, it seemed like the D rank monster that comes out of the Maelstrom was the monster I fought when I had just woken up, the blue wolf Garm.

If I could defeat it with just an automatic handgun, I saw no reason to lose to it now that I carried the M&K MK416, an assault rifle.

Their capabilities were worlds apart.


“Is that so? I understand. I’ll guide you. Well then, I hope we can be friends.”

“Thanks, you’re helping us out a lot.”


The Succubus beckoned.

When Tenko and I came close enough, the Succubus closed her eyes and began concentrating.


A magic formation appeared under our feet.

She had the ability to transfer to any room or level she wished to within this Dungeon.

It seems it was for this reason that she was in charge of the residential area. As long as she had the strength, she could send the monsters living in the residential area to wherever they were needed. One doesn’t need to think hard to know the advantages such an ability would create.


And then, light rose and the transfer magic was activated.



There were dead trees and huge tumbling rocks in the wasteland we were transferred to and not long after we walked, we caught sight of a swirl of black and purple.

That swirl was the Maelstrom, the thing one could buy by paying for a hundred fold the price of a monster. Once each day, that monster would spring forth from the Maelstrom. And for this Maelstrom, the monster coming out of it was the D rank monster Garm.


“Ara, how lucky. A monster will come out anytime now. I’m glad we didn’t have to wait.”

“Somehow, I just knew.”


Although I wasn’t told of anything, I had sensed the power rising from the swirl.


When monsters of the D rank were created with fixed levels, it would typically be created at around level 30 to 40.

Generally, it looked like those monsters would be on par with Demon Lords and S rank monsters at level 1.

I had heard that under the assumption that my basic abilities were on par with a Garm, it was then expected that I would certainly win over it by having a unique skill under my belt. And so, the Garm was set on me in my first fight.


I distanced myself about 200 meters away from the swirl.


“Ara, ara. Is it fine to be that far away? Weren’t you here to hunt the Garm and level up?”


The Succubus asked the question in her calm as ever voice.


“It’s alright. I’ll reach it just fine.”


The maximum effective range of the M&K MK416 was 400 meters.

It’s easy to misunderstand but this assault rifle wasn’t a gun for rapid-fire shooting. Surely, with a rate of fire of 800 rounds per minute, it was capable of it but this was a rifle that can aim and shoot steadily. It was very much capable of extremely accurate long-range sniping.

Considering how automatic pistols have, at most, a 10 meter range, you’ll know full well just how much a powerful weapon this is.


“Are you sure? At that range, even magic won’t reach.”

“Just watch.”


I couldn’t remember anything but this world’s general knowledge has been firmly engraved into my mind. The maximum range of magic was a hundred meters and I was waiting somewhere twice of that distance so I understood her concerns.


When I looked at Tenko’s direction, she looked at me with eyes that trembled, wondering whether or not something interesting would happen. It was probably because she had trust in me that she made that kind of expression. And I just refuse to betray her expectations.


“Well then, it’s been a few minutes, hasn’t it?”


The swirl then began flowing faster. It was the sign that a monster was going to be created.

I readied the M&K MK416. My mind calmed down and my fear of confronting a monster had vanished. My hand was glued to the gun and I felt the sensation I had when I held the automatic pistol before. It was pleasant. I felt I could do anything within this moment.

Before I lost my memories, I probably liked using guns at the same time I got greatly familiar with it.


And then, the time finally came for the Garm to be created.

Blue particles rose and took the form of a wolf. It was completely materialized.


I then pulled the trigger. At that moment, three dry sounds reverberated.

The bullets flew as I pictured it in my mind, a perfect headshot. The MK416 had excellent accuracy so it was possible to accurately shoot at this range.




The Garm was blown away, knocked down and then completely ceased all movement, not even a twitch.

By almost the same time it raised a shriek from receiving the first bullet, I fired the third shot. The last two shots claimed its life.

The M&K MK416 boasted a rate of fire of 850 rounds per minute. Had I kept pulling the trigger, even more bullets would have been sprayed.

But I intentionally fired only three and stopped. This is what’s called a three-round burst.


When full automatic firing is done, the gun would be harder to control, worsening the spread of the bullets and increasing the number of wasted bullets. Moreover, overheating the gun’s barrel would cause it to bend.

On the other hand, single-shot guns couldn’t be relied upon on securing the kill. And so, the three-round burst was developed.

Trials have revealed that the shots were accurate up to the third shot. So by firing a set of three shots, the accuracy would be improved and ammo, conserved. Furthermore, while letting the gun barrel rest, one could then take the time to adjust his aim.

However, if ever there was a need to keep on raining bullets, then the gun’s rapid-fire capabilities could be displayed as much as one wants by selecting the full-auto mode.



“Amazing. As expected of [Creation] Demon Lord-sama, a one-sided battle from twice the maximum range of magic. Melee opponents won’t be able to get near and not to mention the ability to snipe magic users from outside of their range. By just having this having this weapon, one will be able to keep a wide range strategic magic spells in check, won’t they?”

“Yeah, it can, can’t it? Keeping it in check within the reach of the enemy’s attacks sure is hard.”


There were strategic magic spells in this world that possess powerful effects in exchange for taking a very long time to chant.

One would generally use these magic spells from around a hundred meters away the enemy while being protected by their vanguards. However, for this assault rifle, a distance of a hundred meters is nothing. The enemy would need to be lucky just to be able to shoot these strategic magic spells.

But I was a little surprised by the Succubus’s words.

Her words held a great amount of strategy within them.


“That’s Oto-san for you. Oto-san and his weapon are amazing!”


In contrast, Tenko’s words held pure innocence. She had ran up this way and looked at my assault rifle with great interest.


“Do you want one?”

“I do! But, I don’t want something that shoots from faraway. I want something that can shoot up close and with a BOOM!”


Up close and with a boom.

Then I have just the thing.

Luckily, I still had some magic power left. I’ll take out another weapon instead of an assault rifle for Tenko. Surely, she’ll be pleased with it.


“Understood. Then, I’ll prepare a gun for close-range and with great firepower. Just watch as I make it.”

And so, I used [Creation] to summon a weapon that can shoot up close and with a big boom as Tenko wished for.



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  2. Darkness Rave said:

    By just having this having this weapon, one will be able to keep a wide range strategic magic spells in check, won’t they?”

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    By just having this weapon, one will be able to keep a wide range strategic magic spells in check, won’t they?”

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