Chapter 3: Tenko!

“Oto-san, Oto-san!”
(Note: She says oto-san instead of otou-san. Think of it as saying daddy instead of dad)


As the fox-eared girl of around twelve years of age was calling me Oto-san, she has embraced me and pressed her cheek to my chest.

She’s so warm and tender and cute that it’s driving me nuts.


“Okay, nice to meet you. I am the one that has created you. My name is…”


Wait, what was my name?

Come to think of it, I still couldn’t remember my own name.

She has separated from me and then looked at me with a face full of wonder.


“Oh, I forgot to tell you. Creation Demon Lord Procell. That is your name.”


Marcho kindly told me my name.

Procell. As I muttered so, it had a nice ring to it.

The Creation Demon Lord Procell… That’s my name.


“Since you know my name that even I had no idea of, does that mean that you also know of my past?”

“No, I don’t. I have only been asked by my superior to take care of you because you are the newly born Creation Demon Lord, Procell. I don’t know anything more than that about you.”

“You said born, you said that I was just born so does that mean that any sort of past I think I have before meeting Marcho doesn’t really exist?”


If I were to  believe Marcho’s words, that would make me a less than a day old baby.


“Exactly. You’re a newly born baby. Well, Demon Lords are born with some amount of culture and knowledge so it’s easy to make that kind of mistake but yeah, you don’t have anything like a past.”


That’s not true.

Even if I didn’t have any memory, I knew that that couldn’t be true.

I knew because when I fought with the blue wolf, I summoned and used an automatic pistol, a Quartz 19 by using [Creation].


And [Creation] was…

“[Creation]: Materializes certain things from your memory. However, things having a trace of magical power as well as living things can’t be materialized. The consumption of MP is a tenth of the weight of the materialized object.”


In other words, I had remembered what a Quartz 19 is.

That made the argument that I have no past impossible to be true.

But it seemed that even if I were to ask her about it, it would be futile.


“Geez, Oto-san. You were talking with me and yet you keep talking to other people. You’re so mean.”


The fox-eared girl before me puffed her cheeks.

When I stroked her head almost unconsciously, she narrowed her eyes as if she enjoyed it.

What, such a cute creature this is.


“Sorry, let’s introduce ourselves once more. I am the Creation Demon Lord Procell. Just call me Procell.”

“Understood! Procell-sama! But… Oto-san sounds better. Can I call you that instead?”


She stared at me with upturned eyes.

Oto-san. I repeated that sweet word within my mind over and over again.


“Of course, you can. I am your Oto-san after all.”

“Yay! ♪”


She wrapped her hands around my neck, embracing me even tighter, with her fluffy fox tail swinging.


“I love Oto-san! Uhm, next I’ll introduce myself. I am from the Celestial Fox race! So I’m amazingly strong! My name is, see… as yet, I have no name.”


Natsume Souseki, is that you!?

(Note: Natsume Souseki was the author of I am a cat. As yet, I have no name.)

I almost retorted so. Huh? Who was Natsume Souseki again?

Could that probably be connected to my forgotten memories?

First of all, what the heck could I have been before I became a Demon Lord?


“Oto-san, give me a name. I want a name given by Oto-san!”


She broke from our embrace and looked at me with pleading eyes.

I have decided to say yes of course.

I have to think of a cute name for her.


“Alright, I’ve thought of a good name. Your name will be…”


Just as I was about to tell her her name, Marcho told me to shut up.


“Stop. Demon Lords shouldn’t thoughtlessly name their subordinates. Especially your first three. As one would expect from a Celestial Fox; they’re sly.”


Seeing me a little confused, Marcho informed me so.

The fox-eared girl separated from me and slightly averted her eyes.


“Listen, just by receiving a name, it will turn even the weakest of monsters from an ordinary race into a unique monster. The monster’s soul will be tied to that of the Demon Lord’s; the Demon Lord will give while the monster will receive some of the Demon Lord’s power. Especially the first three or the so called [Monsters of the Covenant], they are vastly stronger than other named monsters. All of these can’t be undone so unless you’re prepared to be together with it your whole life, don’t give it a name.”


My mind that had become drunk on the fox-eared girl’s cuteness was suddenly doused with cold water.


“The Celestial Fox is a monster belonging to the highest rank of both the Flame and Beast Attribute. It’s a monster that possesses an overwhelming strength, an amazing mind, and also superior special abilities. However, it’s not just about what it can do; you also have to examine its character and its compatibility with you before you name it. You were just about to lose your privilege to make [Monsters of the Covenant], you know, which you can only have three of without any difficulties.”


Marcho glared at the fox-eared girl.

When she did so, the girl looked away and indiscreetly whistled.

Actually, this girl probably was a schemer.


“The monsters that you’ve created will be absolutely loyal to you. They’re also incapable of harming you. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t have any self-interest. You should be wary of monsters that have intelligence. Am I right, Celestial Fox?”


The fox-eared girl couldn’t endure Marcho’s question anymore, for some reason, did a somersault.

Her appearance changed from that of a little girl into a fox cub.

She was fluffy and had black fore paws. She possessed a different kind of cuteness than when she appeared to be a little girl.


“I’m just a cub so I can’t understand difficult stuff!”


She said so in a cheerful tone.

She was obviously trying to deceive us. But even so… it’s too cute!

Instead of resisting it, I hugged the fox cub.

She’s so fluffy and smooth, it was the best feeling as far as hugging goes.


“You’re a fox cub so you can’t help it, right? All you wanted was just a name, right?”

“It’s as Oto-san says, I just want a name.”


My heart skipped a beat.

But still, I couldn’t do it.

I gently put her down.


“I want to give you a name… But I’ll only do so after I’ve confirmed your strength and character. Once I’ve had the thought that we could always be together, I’ll formally name you. Until then, I shall refer to you by your race’s name, Tenko.”

(Note: He isn’t giving her a new nickname. He’s still using 天狐. I’ve just opted to use Tenko instead of Celestial Fox for ease in typing which is probably nullified by the effort I’ve put in typing down this note. I’ll still use Celestial Fox to refer to her race.)

“Understood! I’ll put my best foot forward so that I can be of help to Oto-san. And then, I’ll have a name.”


For a moment there, I clearly saw the fox cub making an uninterested face. How calculating was she?

But such impishness was also cute.


“Phew, that was close. Generally, Demon Lords tend to avoid monsters that possess high intelligence as well as those that can speak but for your first monster to be both, you sure have some luck.”


I tilted my head in confusion.


“Why? If the monster can converse then giving it’ll be easy to give it an order. So, having smart monsters should be better.”


To my words, Marcho shook her head.


“You’ll probably get tricked just like now. And above all, you will be attached to the monster.  Monsters are shields for us Demon Lords, expendable bait to lure in humans. So when push comes to shove and you’re attached, monster will be “useless”.”


What, for such a thing?

There was no need for worry.


“It’s alright. I won’t overwork this child. She’s my first monster after all. When I created her, I wished that she’ll be someone that can always be with me. To battle together, to survive together. So it’s alright… And it may sound a bit cold but I’ll also make monsters to be overworked along with the corresponding abilities so that they actually can keep being overworked.”

“…I’m a little bit relieved. Moreover, you frightened me. In a way, you’re probably more coldhearted than any other Demon Lord.”


Marcho smiled bitterly.

And then, pop, clapped her hands.


“I have one other thing to teach you. It’s about the creatures of this world. If you keep looking closely at another being, you’ll see its level. If Demon Lords do so on monsters that they themselves have created, they will also be able to know other details about its status. …Well if their skill is like mine then they will also be able to see the details of another person’s monsters. Why don’t you try having a look at Tenko’s status?”

“Understood. Tenko. I’ll look.”

“Yay! ♪”


Tenko in her fox cub form barked her consent so I looked at her status.

Race: Celestial Fox           S Rank

Name: Unnamed

Level: 1

Physical Strength              S

Endurance                           B+

Agility                                    S

Magic Power                        S+

Luck                                        S

Special                                   EX



Ruler of Flame

All Magic Nullification


Ultra-rapid Reaction



I see. So that’s her status.


“It seems that the stats are graded by rank.”

“Yes. The most important one of all is the Rank of the monster’s race. For example, let’s look at its effect on the monster’s stats. The value of a stat will be different depending on the rank of its race. An A rank stat of an S rank race will be as strong as an A+ rank stat of an A rank race, and the S rank stat of a B rank race. Also, as a monster levels up, so too will the effect of its abilities in accordance with the rank of its stats.”


Her explanation was easy to understand.

Based on that, I gave Tenko’s status a look.

Her race was an S rank and yet all her status were very high end.


“Hey, about Tenko’s status… No matter how I look at it, it’s broken, isn’t it?”

“Utterly so. It’s the power of your [Creation] medal. In the first place, S rank monsters aren’t created by Demon Lords. They’re sometimes rewarded by those from up above.”


Generally, one would only use two medals and not three. Adding in the fact that I used A rank medals for all three, the monster born out of them would most probably be an absurd one.


“Ahem. Tenko’s strong!”


I don’t know if she understood the mood or not but the lovely fox cub proudly puffed her chest.

…Who would ever believe that this cute cub was someone that possessed an overwhelming power?”


“I’ve understood the ways to make a monster so without losing a beat, I’ll make some monsters.”


Battles are about numbers.

No matter how strong a monster is, there’s nothing it could do when surrounded by several others.

And then, I suddenly remembered.


“Demon Lords can make a medal only once each month… I’ll have to wait.”


The interval was too long.


“Well, once a month is the limit when you use original medals for making monsters. Moreover, it’s not good for a Demon Lord to use his own medal each time. So, exchanging medals with other Demon Lords is also an important strategy.”


That’s certainly true.

Especially for me since I would need two other medals besides mine.

This time, Marcho was kind enough to give me a medal but that won’t always be the case.

I need to obtain the other Demon Lord’s medals by my own.


“I get it now. There are three ways to make monsters. Buying F and G rank weak monsters with DP. Monsters that are in the same lineage but are two ranks lower of a monster that’s been made once could also be bought with DP. Finally, by synthesizing my own medals and the medals obtained by exchanging with other Demon Lords.”


Those were the three methods.

I would probably use the second method the most. F and G ranks were so weak, they’re useless. And the third method was limited to once a month.

Then, the second method that can make moderate strength monsters in great numbers shall be my main method of making them.

Let’s take my case for example. I had made an S rank Celestial Fox so I could now buy B rank monsters of the same lineage as her. That’s a great thing.

However, in order to increase the variety of the monsters I could buy with the second method, I would still have to continue doing the third method’s medal synthesis.


“Let me follow up, there is actually a loophole on the medal synthesis method. Since a while ago, I’ve said there are original medals but that also means there are imitation medals. I’ll teach you why it’s called that and its valid applications. The mostly used ones are the imitation medals after all.”


And so, Marcho-sensei’s monster lessons continue.

Imitation… If I were to rephrase it, they’re fake. Now that I think of it, my Creation medal requires that I use it in combination with other genuine medals.

What kind of things could imitation medals be?



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  1. “…before meeting Marcho doesn’t really exists?” -> “…doesn’t really exist?”
    “The Celestial fox is a monster belonging…” -> “The Celestial Fox…”
    “In a way, you’re probably more coldhearted that any other Demon Lord.” -> “…more coldhearted than any other Demon Lord.”
    “…Well if their is skill lime mine then…” -> “…Well if their skill is like mine then…”
    “I see that the status are graded by rank.” -> “I see,/I see… the status attributes are graded by rank.”
    “…the monster born out of it would most probably be an absurd one.” -> “…the monster born out of them would, most probably, be an absurd one.” (depends on how you meant it)
    “, Creation medal requires that I use in combination with other genuine medals.” -> “…that I use it in combination with other…” (suggestion)
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  2. She was fluffy and had black fore paws. She possessed a different kind of cuteness than when she appeared to be a little girl.
    “I’m just a cub so I can’t understand difficult stuff!”

    If you tell a lie, at least make it believable >.<

    She's cute though, although I hope she won't turn out to be a character that likes to deceive her master that much and that she genuinely starts to love him.


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