Chapters 61: So, if you’d like, how about eating it with us?

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“D-did we defeat it…?”

“It has to be dead, right?”


Even the orc king should be dead after receiving my ultimate move “Facility Press”.

But because we have been acquainted with his terrifying endurance, we still couldn’t be completely sure.


“Ahm, well, I’m going to remove the observation tower and the walls now. I doubt the orc king’s still alive, but, well, it’s best to be on guard.”


I said so and then removed the said facilities.

In its place was the orc king. Well, most of him.


“…yeah, he’s gotta be dead.”


Still doubting though, we came closer to confirm. He wasn’t breathing at all.


“We, we did it…”

“We killed that orc king…”


All the tension in the air was suddenly gone, and we shouted in joy.




Villagers either high-fived one another or hugged each other.


“But that last attack was by the village chief, right?”

“Must be. No one else would have been able to do that, right?”

“The chief’s really so amazing.”


Everyone really did well. Especially the hunting team…wait, how are they right now?


The two shield-bearers might have been injured the worst, so I hurried to them.


“Village chief…did I manage to protect ya…?”

“Yup, yup, you sure did! Wait, never mind that, look at your wounds! Here, drink this potion for now!”

“Huh? But, isn’t this…crazy expensive?”

“It’s fine, it’s fine, just drink it!”


Noel-kun hesitated to drink the potion despite his injuries, so I kind of forced him.

Sure, a potion was rare, but getting more of them wasn’t impossible. I mean, we deserve at least that much from the elves after this event!


“Goate-san, thanks for your service too. Here, have some potion as well.”

“Ah, thank you very much, village chief.”


Perhaps because he understood that I would just force it on him even if he refused, Goate-san simply took the potion.


“Oi, how ‘bout me?”


The one to utter that to me was the former boss of the bandits, Dorial.


“You showed up right at the end though. Plus, you were much worse with the shield than I expected.”

“Tch, what harsh words.”


He was a criminal after all. Just because we temporarily let him out of the jailhouse didn’t mean we were going to start treating him the same as our normal villagers.

But then again, he did help out a little. I should reconsider later what kind of medical treatment we were going to give him.




An elf then timidly approached.

This elf with an unusual set of facial hair could perhaps be described as dandy, but not now while he had a haggard expression on his face.


“Are you perhaps Luke-dono, the village chief…?”

“Yes, I am. And you are?”

“Ah, pardon my late introduction…I am Leonius Mel Rebore Landelinius Elecibora, the patriarch of the elves, ”


The patriarch, huh…wait, another long name!


“We are deeply sorry for involving you…!”


He said so and then immediately bowed his head.

The other elves followed suit.


“Please believe that we had no other choice than to come to your village for help. Even so, from your perspective, we must be villains who brought the orc hoard and thus danger to your village! We have no defense; we’re ready to accept whatever punishment you think is just…!”


Leonius-san declared so with full resolve. It was as though he had readied himself for the worst, like being turned into a slave.

The other elves seemed to be the same.


“Hmm…that aside, I bet you’re tired from all that running. You must have gotten hungry too, right?”


“To tell you the truth, we obtained a large amount of orc meat a short while ago and we really couldn’t eat it all by ourselves. So, if you’d like, how about eating it with us?”



I ignored the elves’ shock, and addressed the villagers.


“There you have it, we’ll be having an orc meat barbeque party tonight! Let’s all work together to prepare it!”



The men screamed and hurried—almost like they were racing against each other—to pick up the orc meat lying around. The orcs were the objects of our fear just a while ago, but right now, they were seen as nothing but delicious meat.


“Lu-Luke-dono…just what…”



A laughter emerged from the person beside Leonius-san. That person was Philia-san.


“What did I tell you, father? Luke-dono’s excellence is larger than the monster-infested forest itself.”


Oh, Leonius-san is Philia-san’s father, huh.


“And probably due to his character, the humans of this village are all wonderful people as well. I’m fairly sure that none of them thinks ill of us for what just happened.”

“Philianius…I guess you’re right…”


Leonius-san then finally displayed a smile.


“Did you hear that, everyone? I am now convinced that the people of this village are good neighbors! Let us thank them for their kindness, and also strive to deepen our bond with them!”



At that moment, I noticed something.


“Ahh, but before eating, why don’t we take a little bath? You look like you’ve all worked up a sweat…”


so you smell a little, there was no way I could say that to them.


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