Chapter 118:

“Well then, Belrith-san, I’ll leave the rest to you.”

Like that, I saw the village chief off as he returned to the village with the unconscious enemy leader. The enemy leader was supposedly the village chief’s brother, and the battle was apparently due to a dispute on who would be heir.
I wasn’t really knowledgeable on the subject, but when I heard that 5,000 soldiers were marching towards the village, I was struck with terror nonetheless. Even so, I was confident that we would win. Especially after I saw the labyrinth of castle walls that was built overnight. It goes without saying, but our village chief truly was extraordinary.

At any rate, the battle was already over now.
The enemies have thrown down their weapons and surrendered. Which was only to be expected, given the hardships they were subjected to, all on top of their leader being defeated.
I announced something to them.

“Well then, we’ll now begin treating the wounded! We’re going to prioritize those with more serious wounds, so let us know if you’re one!”
“Y-you’re going to heal us too…?”
“Yes, of course! It’s what our village chief wishes!”

There weren’t that many among us that got wounded anyway. And whenever any of us did, the elves would immediately come to give us medical treatment. Because of that, the wounded right now mostly consisted of the enemy soldiers.

“A-an elf…”
“Yes, but more importantly, please show me where you’re hurt.”

Our medical team, composed mainly of the elves, began treating the enemies one after another.
Their healing ability was really outstanding. While the enemy soldiers were still deeply captivated by their beauty, the elves have finished all the treatment.

“To have easily crushed 5,000 soldiers, plus the kindness of healing those enemies…”
“And he has the ability create a city in no time…”
“Yeah, it’d be nice if Luke-sama was the next lord, wouldn’t it?”

I heard such comments from the soldiers.
Hahaha, so you too now know the magnificence of Luke-sama!

The village chief was definitely more suitable to the position than someone who loved wars. If it was him in charge, the territory would surely flourish.
Unfortunately, Luke-sama himself has no desire of becoming the next lord. 
Even if he doesn’t want to though, someday…

“Seems everyone’s patched up. Alright, follow me!”

I guided the puzzled soldiers into the village. We stopped when we reached a certain spot.
That spot was where a few apartment buildings were located. The village chief probably thought that the soldiers have grown weary from the battle as well as from the journey, and thus built these buildings specifically for them, all 5,000 of them.

“W-what are those structures…”
“They’re as tall as…no, they’re even taller than those walls…”

With 5 stories each, the apartment buildings were indeed taller than the castle walls.
There were more than 30 of those buildings lined up here, which no doubt stunned most of the soldiers.

One could argue that these buildings would be needed anyway when the population of the village grows in the future, but that still didn’t stop me from admiring the vastness of the village chief’s heart for giving such considerations to the soldiers who attacked his village.

“You all must be tired. For the time being, please rest within these buildings.”

While explaining so, I inwardly became excited. After all, once they got to know the comforts of the apartments…

Just one night’s stay should be enough to make them want to live in the village…fufufu…

   ◇ ◇ ◇

The soldiers entered the mysterious buildings and immediately became amazed.

“Look at this! Water comes out of this thing so easily! It can produce hot water too!”
“So, we can really take a bath whenever we want…?”
“Each room here’s got its own lavatory and kitchen!”
“This bed, it’s so soft and comfy…zzzzz”
“Oi, don’t sleep yet! Weren’t you listening? They’re serving food later!”

It didn’t even take a full night to convince them to stay.